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Otolaryngology Coding Alert

Rely on This Tool to Avoid Unbundling or Underreporting Turbinate Procedures

Now you can factor in the applicable rules for coding single, multiple, same-side and opposite-side inferior turbinate procedures and get the right code combination to report -- including modifiers -- by following this simple flow chart  

Did you know? See how many of these rules you were already aware of:

- You can bill inferior turbinate outfracture (30930), excision (30130) and resection (30140) bilaterally, but cautery (30801-30802) only once, no matter how many sides the procedure is performed on.

- When multiple inferior turbinate procedures involve excision (30130) or resection (30140), those procedures trump all others, unless the lesser procedure (30801-30802 or 30930) occurs on the other side.

Get started: Answer the questions indicated in the circles, and follow your answer to its code set conclusion.

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