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Otolaryngology Coding Alert


Fee Schedule Boosts RVUs for 41155

Question: The February 2007 Otolaryngology Coding Alert lists the 2007 work relative value units (RVUs) for 41115, Excision of lingual frenum (frenectomy), as 40.00. I believe this to be a typo. Will you please verify?

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Answer: You are right that the description -Excision of lingual frenum (frenectomy)- is actually CPT code 41115, which contains 1.76 work RVUs.

The code listed, 41155, should have instead included the description -Glossectomy; composite procedure with resection floor of mouth, mandibular resection, and radical neck dissection [Commando type]),- which was supposed to have 40.00 work RVUs, according to CMS 1321-FC pages 528 and 576. The 2007 National Physician fee schedule, however, further increased the work RVUs to 43.96 -- an additional 16.28 RVUs compared to the 2006 value of 27.68.

The code 41155 listed on page 11 in the table -Look Forward to More Work Value for Larynx, Neck and Throat Codes- contains the wrong description.

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