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Otolaryngology Coding Alert


Your 'Mono' Code Will Have More than One Option in 2014

Don't forget to make this fifth digit selection. When ICD-10 goes into effect, you'll need more information to accurately report a patient's mono. Here's what you need: Background: Mononucleosis (or mono) is an infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. The virus is found in saliva and mucus and is passed through kissing or exposure to a cough, sneeze or sharing food utensils (such as drinking glasses, spoons and forks) with someone who has mono. Symptoms (including fever, sore throat, fatigue, weakness, and swollen glands in the neck or armpits) in young children are generally mild, while symptoms in adolescents and young adults tend to be more severe. The illness is most common in patients ages 15-35. ICD-9-CM Code Currently, you should report mono with 075 (Infectious mononucleosis). That's your only choice. ICD-10-CM Codes After ICD-10 goes into effect, you'll have more options. They are: B27.0, Gammaherpesviral mononucleosis B27.1, Cytomegaloviral mononucleosis [...]