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Otolaryngology Coding Alert

Fee Schedule:

Finalized 2013 Fee Schedule Includes 26.5 Percent Cut

Plus: Transition care management pay is formalized with assignment of codes 99495-99496. CMS offers several bits of good news in its newly-finalized 2013 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, including new transitional care management codes and associated payment for primary care doctors -- but the agency also included a 26.5 percent conversion factor cut that could impact practices across-the-board if Congress doesn't act to reverse it before Jan. 1. On Nov. 1, CMS released its Final Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2013. The 1,362-page document, which will be published in the Nov. 16 Federal Register, offers a look into how the agency configures its RVU assignments, and shows just which specialties will escape drastic cuts to their reimbursement. CMS Assigns New Codes for Hospital Transitions If your physician spends a significant amount of time providing care for patients transitioning back to the community following a hospital or nursing facility discharge, you will see [...]