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Otolaryngology Coding Alert

Condition Focus:
Follow 4 Steps to Ease Your Dysphagia Dilemmas
Hint: Your best coding starts with a detailed diagnosis. If your otolaryngologist or ... Read more
Modifier 25:
Avoid These Traps When Reporting Modifier 25 and Know That 'Separate' Is Justified
Here’s your top ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ for correct usage. ... Read more
Start Thinking 'Right' or 'Left' for Future Impacted Cerumen Coding
The H61.2- family will have all your code choices. Impacted cerumen can be a fairly co... Read more
Condition Checkpoint:
Understand What Impacted Cerumen Is
Impacted cerumen (or wax in the ear) can affect both children and adults. The condition ... Read more
Reader Question:
Code 31256 Alone Usually Overrides 32156 With 31237
Question: Our surgeon performed an endoscopic middle meatus anstrostomy. I’m leani... Read more
Reader Question:
Submit 31570 for Botox Via Laryngoscope
Question: I have a Medicare patient that one of our surgeons injected with Botox for spa... Read more
Reader Question:
Laser Ablation Isn't Synonymous With Dermabrasion
Question: The operative note was dictated as, “C02 laser ablation of carcinoma in ... Read more
Reader Question:
Yes, You Can Report 42808 With Silver Nitrate Treatment
Question: If the physician removes a lesion and uses silver nitrate instead of suturing ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Best Choice for Thyroidectomy With Central Neck Dissection
Question: How should we bill a thyroidectomy with central neck dissection? Minnesota... Read more
CPT® 2014:
Learn When to Use New Chemodenervation Codes 64616, 64617
Also: Check out the new codes for SLP services. Chemodenervation has been a popular fo... Read more
Consultation Coding:
2014 Will Add New Consultation Codes to Your Options
Remember to include documentation as before – but you still might not get paid. ... Read more
Answer These 3 Questions to Determine When a New Provider Can Start Seeing Patients
Warning: Start a provider too soon and you could be giving away free services. When a ... Read more
Know the Rhinitis Cause to Report This Dx Under ICD-10
You’ll be checking the ‘J30.x’ section to find the right rhinitis code... Read more
Reader Question:
Endoscopy With Packing Removal? Code 31238 Might Apply
Question: A new patient came to our office for removal of nasal packs (a different ... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Documentation Before Submitting 31256 With 31237
Question: Our physician completed an endoscopic middle meatus anstrostomy and right... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand When Modifier GA Applies
Question: We have patients sign an ABN for a certain procedure in our office that m... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Best Code for Intranasal Lesion Removal
Question: I need help with coding the following in-office procedure: The patient ha... Read more
CPT® 2014:
One Code Change Could Net You Extra Pay in 2014
Hint: The change you’ll love is ‘unilateral.’ The American Medical A... Read more
Condition Focus:
Know When Symptoms Move From Vertigo to Meniere's Disease for Accurate Coding
Tip: Watch for documentation of multiple symptoms over time. Meniere’s disease c... Read more
Terminology Check
What Is Meniere’s Disease? Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that... Read more
Are You Ready for the New HIPAA Audits Coming in October?
Heads up: The ‘2014’ date you’ve heard doesn’t mean January. I... Read more
Prepare for Diagnosis Changes With Meniere's Disease and Related Conditions
Heads up: You’ll need to know more specifics about affected sites. Physicians ... Read more
Reader Question:
No Easy Answer for LPR Diagnosis Code
Question: I recently started working with an ENT who brought this question to me. P... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's Why You Don't Denote Laterality for 31540 or 31541
Question: The surgeon performed a direct laryngoscopy and removed polyps from the p... Read more
Reader Question:
Examine Your Choices for Ear Canal Lesion Debridement
Question: The physician used suction and cup forceps to debride an ear canal lesion... Read more
Reader Question:
Surgical Tray Pay for 99070 Can Depend on Insurer
Question: An in-office procedure required a sterile surgical tray. Is there a billa... Read more
Reader Question:
Yes, You Can Try to Get Higher Contract Payments
Question: I am a new practice manager and will be going through my first payer cont... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pairing Codes When Reporting T&A
Question: One of our insurers has very strict guidelines for a T&A. Often times... Read more
Understanding Extent of Repair Points You to 30901
Payoff: Difference in care could add hundreds to your bottom line. A patient sees your... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
Follow 3 Easy Steps to Pinpoint the Best Diagnosis Every Time
Signs and symptoms may be your best — or only – choice. Your first step in... Read more
Prepare for Steep Pay Cuts If Proposed 2014 Fee Schedule Flies
Bright side: Bonuses for non-face-to-face services for some patients could come in 2015.... Read more
Acute Sinusitis Follows 1-to-1 Switch in October 2014
Tip: Watch for comorbidities or other conditions you can report. Currently, when the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose 17000-17250 for CO2 Laser Ablation of Facial Carcinoma
Question:  How do we code for CO2 laser ablation of carcinoma in situ of the face? ... Read more
Reader Question:
Append Modifier 22 for Pediatric Thyroidectomy
Question: My surgeon believes there should be a specific code for pediatric thyroidectom... Read more
Reader Question:
Diagnosis 528.9 Applies to Elongated Uvula
Question: I’m searching for an ICD-9 code for an elongated uvula. The surgeon comp... Read more
Reader Question:
31540 Works for Larygoscopy With Papilloma Ablation
Question:  How should I code for direct laryngoscopy with laser ablation of a papil... Read more
Reader Question:
Related Debridement Is Not Part of Septoplasty
Question:  Are there any rules for billing or not billing a 31237-58 during the glo... Read more
Reader Question:
31622 Plus 31830 Cover Trach Revision Flap With New Tube
Question:  A tracheotomy-dependent patient has been seeing our otolaryngologist for... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Can You Append Modifier 50 to 31231?
Question: My doctor says that we can bill 31231 as bilateral without a modifier. Is this... Read more
Coding Edits:
Don't Miss These Modifier 25 Changes With CCI 19.2
Tip: Verify that your billing can support two true services. CCI version 19.2 that ju... Read more
E/M Coding:
Get the Lowdown on Reporting Minor Procedure With E/M and -25
New verbiage for modifier 25 doesn’t necessarily negate all your claims. Billin... Read more
4 Modifier 25 Rules You'll Need to Keep Handy
Justify your claims by keeping these points in mind. Before submitting a claim with mo... Read more
Otosclerosis Code Assignment Gets More Detailed With ICD-10
You’ll need better documentation of anatomic location to choose the correct diagno... Read more
Reader Question:
Submit 31240 for Some Nasal Polyp Removals
Question: The otolaryngologist removed a middle turbinate endoscopically, which he indic... Read more
Reader Question:
Sialoadenitis Diagnosis Is Simple with 527.2
Question: A patient saw the ENT because of pain and swelling in the area around a saliva... Read more
Reader Question:
Include E/M Units in Prescription Writing
Question: I’ve heard that there’s a code we can bill (and be paid for) to in... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Set Yourself Up for Automatic Denial Resends
Question: When we know that the carrier has made a mistake in denying one of our claims,... Read more
Reader Question:
Add Modifier Q6 for NP's Locum Tenens Work
Question: One of our physicians will be away for eight weeks, so has made locum tenens a... Read more
Reader Question:
Have the Support Before Billing 99441-99443 Calls
Question: A patient called during the weekend and left a message for our physician askin... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Jaw Pain Diagnosis
Question: What diagnosis should I use for jaw pain due to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) ... Read more
CCI 19.2:
Edits Direct You to Steer Clear of Reporting E/M With Many Procedure
CCI implements bundles for ENT procedures already covered by global period guidelines. ... Read more
FBR Strategies:
4 Questions Help You Decide When to Code Foreign Body Removal
Hint: It’s not always just about location and depth. If the surgeon removes any ... Read more
Focus on a Single Code for Unspecified Acute Respiratory Infections in 2014
J06.9 will be an easy replacement for 465.9. Your otolaryngologist might diagnose an u... Read more
E/M Coding:
Brush Up on Meeting Criteria for 'Moderate' Decision Making
Tip: ‘New’ problem doesn’t always need a work up. Coding for routin... Read more
News Flash:
Health Insurance Rebates Coming for Virtually All States
Biggest money expected in Texas and Florida. A new analysis from the Kaiser Family Fo... Read more
Reader Question:
Your Physician Has Various Ways to Document
Question: My otolaryngologist reported an established patient office visit code 99214, b... Read more
Reader Question:
Examine the Documentation Before Appending Modifier 78
Question: Yesterday, a patient had 30520 and 30140-50. Later that same day, the patient ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Discover How to Use V10.01
Question: A patient completed radiation treatment for tongue cancer. Less than five year... Read more
Nerve Monitoring:
To Report IONM, You Need a Separate Provider -- The Surgeon Can't Do Both
With the right documentation and modifiers, some practices can earn big bucks. If you ... Read more
4 Tips Validate How You Report Vent Tubes Removals
Here’s what to do when the ENT is doing a membrane repair, too. When you’r... Read more
Follow These 3 Steps for Better Incident-To Claims
Don’t forget to check your state’s laws for NPP scope of services. Having ... Read more
Narrow Six 244.x Hypothyroidism Options to Five ICD-10 Codes in 2014
Your physician will have to think about the hypothyroidism cause. Hypothyroidism is a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Follow CMS Regs on Documentation Amendments
Question: Where can I find CMS directions regarding amending documentation? Georgia ... Read more
Reader Question:
Is Your BAHA Procedure Different from 69710's Descriptor? Do This
Question: My ENT performed an implantation of electromagnetic bone conduction hearing de... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Out How to Code Skin Lesion Stages
Question: A family physician referred a patient to our ENT for a skin lesion removal fro... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Overlook "Separate Procedure" Lingo
Question: I have a clinic where the ENTs are claiming 92504 and 69210 should not be bund... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This Migraine Signs and Symptoms ICD-9, ICD-10 Challenge
Try your hand at looking up these signs and symptom equivalents. With ICD-10 looming i... Read more
Challenge 1:
Challenge 1:
Your ICD-9 codes for the above-mentioned conditions are: ____________________________... Read more
Challenge 2:
Challenge 2:
Your ICD-9 codes for the above-mentioned conditions are: ____________________________... Read more
Vestibular Tests:
Keep Your Vestibular Tests Report From Spinning Out Of Control
You should only report one unit of 92545. When the patient complaining of headaches sh... Read more
Evaluate the Way You Code Epley Maneuver Claims
Medicare says 95992 is a no-no. The Epley maneuver is a simple but time- consuming tre... Read more
2 Tips Show You How to Capture Separate-Site E/M Services
Look to admission date when coding outpatient-to-inpatient encounters. You won’t... Read more
Unspecified Infective Otitis Externa Codes Expand Next Year, Too
Here what your physician’s documentation needs to specify. Infective otitis exte... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's How to Locate a Palate Control-of-Bleeding Code
Question: An otolaryngologist removed a patient’s palate lesion (42120) on 3/24/20... Read more
Reader Question:
Location Doesn't Impact Encounter Status
Question: A pediatrician requested my otolaryngologist’s opinion on a premature ne... Read more
Reader Question:
Fighting for Rhinoplasty Payment Can Be Rewarding
Question: My doctor says “a fracture is a fracture forever.” The patient pre... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Don't Overlook 92504's Separate-Procedure Rule
Question: I’m not sure when I can use 92504. I know I shouldn’t charge 92504... Read more
Keep This Laryngoscopy Primer on Hand for Distinguishing Three Types
Highlight these key words to know what you should report when. If you’re not cer... Read more
To Bill Same-Day E/M Service, Documentation Must Justify Scope
Check out this handy list of 10 scope indications. When your otolaryngologist performs... Read more
Treat "Unspecified" Viral Infection Dx Carefully -- You May Have a Better Choice
Good news: Code 079.99 has a one-to-one relationship. A viral infection is caused by a... Read more
Reader Question:
Combine Both Tympanostomy Tube and Aural Polyp Removals
Question: My physician performed both tympanostomy tube removal and aural polyp removal ... Read more
Reader Question:
Separately Bill Prosthesis Supplies
Question: Which CPT code(s) should I use for an in-office tracheo-esophageal voice prost... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Avoid Making This E/M Service and Global Days Mistake
Question: Patient had outpatient surgery: ·     &n... Read more
CCI 19.0:
New Year Brought You New Bronchoscopy, Chemodenervation, and Allergy Edits
Pay attention to the modifier indicator to determine which ones you can override and whi... Read more
Are You Reporting New Codes 95940-95941 Correctly? Find Out
Beware: This new terminology prevents you from billing IONM plus surgery. If your ENTs... Read more
Catch Potential Billing Slip-Ups With Internal Audits, Before an Outside Auditor Does
Starting with a baseline audit will set your practice up for success. Would your prac... Read more
New 'J' Code Will Replace 034.0 for Strep Throat Dx Under ICD-10
Fortunately, however, coding choices for this condition won’t expand dramatically.... Read more
Reader Question:
For Sleep Study Physicians, Check Out CCI 19.0 Changes
Question: My otolaryngology practice deals with sleep studies, and I was wondering what ... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Certain MD Gets Credit for 31267
Question: My physician performed: left endoscopic maxillary antrostomy with biopsy, ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Compare Involved Ear Debridement to These Codes
Question: My doctor had a question about coding for in-office ear debridement due to ear... Read more
Unlisted Procedures:
Unearth These 3 Unlisted Code Tips for Stress-Free Claims
Follow the experts’ guidance to getting these claims reimbursed. CPT® doesn&... Read more
E/M Coding:
Implement These 5 Simple Steps to Boost Your E/M Bottom Line
Heads up: Dig past ‘follow-up’ for acceptable chief complaint. E/M coding ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Stop Wondering: Congress Freezes Medicare Pay at 2012 Rates
However, don’t assume your HPSA bonus will continue. As many practices are aware... Read more
Get to Know Expanded Tonsillitis Code Set That Takes Effect Next Year
You’ll say goodbye to codes 463 and 474.00 effective Oct. 1, 2014. Tonsillitis i... Read more
Reader Question:
Provider-Neutral Language Shouldn't Impact Too Harshly
Question: Does our practice need to make any changes to our systems to accommodate the f... Read more
Reader Question:
Patient-Initiated Request
Question: A non-Medicare patient with a long history of chronic rhinosinusitis presents ... Read more
Reader Question:
Let Day Steer 31238 Modifier
Question: Yesterday a patient had 30520 and 30140-50. Later that day, the patient return... Read more
Reader Question:
Scrutinize Endoscopic Vs. Open Surgery
Question: Our surgeon documented the following biopsy: -I passed an endoscope into the r... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Learn Exception to Indented Code Rule
Question: Should we assign 31254 and 31255 for an anterior ethmoidectomy? Florida Sub... Read more
5 Tips Help You Choose the Right Epistaxis-Control Codes
We’ll show you when to charge higher-valued nosebleed treatment and endoscopy. B... Read more
Ask 2 Questions Before Coding Sinus Debridement -- or Pay the Price
You can report 31237 as a post-op procedure If denials and quickly advised "don&r... Read more
2013 AMA Symposium Update:
Get the Scoop on Transition Codes, Medicare Rates
Here’s the latest news on 2013’s payment rate. 2013 will bring more inclus... Read more
Prepare For 4 New Otalgia Options in 2014
The fifth digit makes all the difference. Simply put, otalgia refers to an earache. In... Read more
Reader Question:
Look to 30400 for Open Nasal Reconstruction
Question: Which code should we report when the physician performs an open nasal reconstr... Read more
Reader Question:
You Can Recoup for Nasal Swabs
Question: My allergist performed a nasal swab for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Sho... Read more
Reader Question:
Coding Two Sinus Biopsies
Question: Which procedural code(s) should I use for the following operative note: Endosc... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Submental Mass Codes Vary Widely
Question: Which code should we use when we excise a submental mass? New York Subscribe... Read more