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Otolaryngology Coding Alert

E/M Coding:
Avoid This Misconception Surrounding Modifier 25, New Patients
Rely on these specific guidelines from the Global Surgery Booklet. In Volume 21, Issue 3 ... Read more
CPT® Case Studies:
Empower Your UPPP, Pharyngoplasty Coding Skills Using 2 Examples
Find out what does and does not warrant the use of code 42950. There are plenty of variab... Read more
Break Down These Fundamental Points on Telemedicine Coding
Discern between telemedicine and telehealth with some key indicators. Telemedicine is qui... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Correctly Code This Frontal Sinus and Sphenoid Sinus Balloon Dilation Example
Question: How do I code a bilateral frontal sinus balloon dilation and a left sphenoid sin... Read more
Reader Question:
Do Not Report 30115 for In-Office Procedures
Question: The surgeon performs an extensive bilateral removal of nasal polyps in the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Never Assume RDS With Acute Respiratory Distress Diagnoses
Question: What diagnosis codes should I report for a 32-year-old woman with acute respirat... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Reflux as Primary Dx Reflux Laryngopharyngitis
Question: What diagnosis code should I use to report reflux laryngopharyngitis? Tennessee... Read more
Bank on This Definitive Coder’s Guide to Cerumen Removal
Never second-guess a cerumen removal chart again. As an otolaryngology coder, you're prob... Read more
Get on Board With 2021 E/M Proposed Reimbursement Changes
See what changes CMS has in store for E/M reporting and reimbursement. As you've been exp... Read more
CPT® Coding:
Learn the Fundamentals of the New Skin Biopsy Code Set
Technique documentation leads code choice. As you make your way through the plethora of c... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Consider Global Periods, Relatedness for Postop Debridement Services
Question: The provider performed a debridement endoscopy (31237) at a one-month check-up v... Read more
Reader Question:
Don’t Force Separate E/M Charge for All New Patients
Question: I have a new patient present with impacted cerumen removal. Since this patient i... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Sure Follow-Up Chief Complaints Are Specific
Question: Our otolaryngologist lists the chief complaint (CC) for all follow-up visit... Read more
CPT® Case Study:
Tackle Each Coding Step of This Challenging ENT Surgical Report
The answer begins and ends with a strong anatomical knowledge foundation. Sometimes, the ... Read more
CMS Final Rule:
Note These Important 2019 MPFS Final Rule Changes on Documentation
See what changes will help streamline your documentation processes. The Medicare Physicia... Read more
ICD-10-CM Coding:
Know When, How, and Where to Report External Cause Codes With This Guide
Use this plethora of expert feedback to help drill the point home. A provider of any spec... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid HCPCS C Codes Outside of OPPS Billing
Question: I have a doctor that performed a “placement of bilateral Latera implants for v... Read more
Reader Question:
Double-Check Your Encoders for Accurate NCCI Edit Information
Question: Our encoder shows that it is OK to bill cerumen impaction removal (69210) and a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Know When, When Not to, Include Supplementary Diagnoses
Question: The provider states that she removed pus debris under a microscope for a patient... Read more
You Be the Coder:
When in Doubt, Check Code’s Clinical Responsibility
Question: My physician is suggesting that we report code 30117 for the removal of a nasoph... Read more
2019 HCPCS Codes:
Clear the Way for This Essential Set of 2019 ENT Codes
Distinguish between these two types of hearing aid devices. Effective January 1, 2019, HC... Read more
2019 ICD-10-CM:
Get Acclimated With This Second Round of 2019 Guideline Updates
Catch up on changes to malignancy coding, drug use in pregnancy, and more. New coders oft... Read more
Understand Crucial Link Between Documentation and Medical Necessity
Plus, know when to count prescriptions toward MDM. If thoughts of claim denials keep you ... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Cat III Codes With Placement of Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulator
Question: What's the CPT® code for the placement of a hypoglossal nerve stimulator? I can... Read more
Reader Question:
Note Circumstances of Postop Pain Before Determining Dx Code
Question: A patient is seen by the physician two days following an ethmoidectomy. The pati... Read more
Reader Question:
Know How to Sequence Complication, Condition Codes Properly
Question: How should I code a diagnosis of chronic nasal bleeding following sinus surgery?... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Think Twice Before Reporting Middle Turbinate Resection With Some Endoscopic Services
Question: Can I report a middle turbinate resection in addition to an endoscopic polypecto... Read more