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You Can Bill Together For Tenotomy and Debridement

Question: Is it true that we cannot bill 23405 (Tenotomy, shoulder area; single tendon) with 29822 (Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; debridement, limited) unless it's a revision or a reconstruction. Our surgeon did the following procedures:Right shoulder arthroscopy with intraarticular debridement Debridement of portion of the inferior labrum Anterior labral repair Superior labral repair Rotator cuff repair Subromial decompression with acromioplastyThe operative note also states:"A biceps tenotomy was performed, as the biceps had a tendency to come in and out of the bicipital groove. Using 2 corkscrews and 4 sutures, the rotator cuff was repaired back to its insertion on the humerus." Do we report this with 23405?Pennsylvania SubscriberAnswer: The correct code for biceps tenotomy is 23440 (Resection or transplantation of long tendon of biceps). You may report 23440 instead of 23405. You can report this with 29822. Tenotomy and debridement do not bundle with each other. You will report codes 29806 [...]

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