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Apply Latest Edits to Avoid Denials in Shoulder Arthroscopy

Question:Our surgeon did the following operative procedures:1. Arthroscopic subacromial decompression with anterior acriomioplasty2. Arthroscopic glenohumeral capsular release, right shoulder The diagnosis (pre-operative and post-operative) is as follows:1. Right shoulder impingement syndrome 2. Right frozen shoulderThe procedure note read as follows:"A routine posterior arthroscopic portal was established 3 cm inferior and 2 cm medial to the posterolateral corner of the acromion. The arthroscope was introduced into the glenohumeral joint and the surgical findings noted as above.An anterior portal was established midway between the coracoid process and the anterolateral corner of the acromion. Through this portal, electrocautery was used to perform a complete synovectomy within the joint and in order to perform a posterior synovectomy, the arthroscope was introduced into the anterior portal and the electrocautery introduced into the posterior portal, thereby gaining access to perform a posterior synovectomy.With the arthroscope in the posterior portal, arthroscopic biters and electrocautery were used to perform a [...]

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