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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader Questions:

Toe Surgery Code Covers Several Procedures

Question: Our foot surgeon documented capsulorrhaphy of the second metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint, which he performed to reduce the patient's contracture. He also performed extensor tendon tenolysis of the long and short extensor tendons through the same incisions.

We're thinking of reporting 28222 for the tenolysis, but we think a second code would describe the capsulorrhaphy, but can't find the appropriate code. Can you offer any advice?

New Jersey Subscriber

Answer: You should report 28270 (Capsulotomy; metatarsophalangel joint, with or without tenorrhaphy, each joint [separate procedure]) to describe all of the surgeon's work on that patient.

There is no need to bill 28222 (Tenolysis, flexor, foot; multiple tendons) because reimbursement for 28270 already includes payment for the tenolysis.

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