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Look to 72050 for 4-View Spine X-Ray

Question: If we perform anteroposterior (AP) and lateral views of the cervical spine and lateral flexion and extension views of the cervical spine, which codes should I report? Is 72052 appropriate?

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Answer: Actually, 72050 (Radiologic examination, spine, cervical; minimum of four views) is the code that you should use when you report the scenario that you describe.

You mention that your practice shot AP, lateral, flexion and extension views. This adds up to four views, so 72050 (minimum of four views) is the most accurate choice.

In order to report code 72052 (Radiologic examination, spine, cervical; complete, including oblique and flexion and/or extension studies), your x-ray technologist must document more than four views. These views might include AP, lateral, both obliques (two views), and flexion and extension.

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