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Reader Questions:

Let Surgeon Choose Os Acromiale Code

" Question: Which ICD-9 code should we report for an Os acromiale? The patient presented to our surgeon for a work-related injury.

Idaho Subscriber Answer: You'll most likely report 733.95 (Stress fracture of other bone) when the patient presents with an Os acromiale.

Os acromiale""" is one of several terms that surgeons use when describing an unfused epiphysis in the acromion.

Also referred to as mesacromion or metacromion" Os acromiale describes the situation in which the acromial epiphysis has not fully fused with the remainder of the patient's bone.

Because your patient had a work-related injury he most likely had a stress fracture through the cartilaginous portion of the acromion.

If your patient instead had a scapular fracture through the acromion you should report 811.1x (Fracture of scapula open).

Ask your surgeon whether 733.95 or 811.1x best describes the patient's condition. "

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