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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader questions:
27299 is best option for hip tendon repair

Question: The physician completed debridement and repair of the sartorius tendon. He drilled several holes into the anterior-superior iliac spine to induce vascular inflow and then used fiberwire through the bone to repair the origin of the sartorius and tensor fascia lata. I plan to report an ‘unlisted procedure' code, but don't know the best procedure to compare it to for reimbursement.  What are your suggestions? Minnesota Subscriber Answer: Code the surgery with 27299 (Unlisted procedure, pelvis or hip joint). The drilling of holes (microfracture) is similar to several procedures. Your best option for a comparable procedure to help guide reimbursement could be 26992 (Incision, bone cortex, pelvis and/or hip joing [e.g., osteomyelitis or bone abscess]), which had a national average reimbursement of $891.93 for facility or non-facility settings in 2009. You describe an unusual case, however, so check the details in the operative report before deciding on a comparable [...]

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