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Reader Question:

Turn To Open Procedure Code For Nonunion Repair of Acromion

Question: Can someone assist me with a code for nonunion repair of acromion?Florida SubscriberAnswer: For repair of acromion when the indication is a nonunion, you will turn to code 23585 (Open treatment of scapular fracture [body, glenoid or acromion] includes internal fixation, when performed). This procedure is done open. According to the CPT® guidelines, you may append modifier 22 (Increased procedural services) for the increased complexity, if any, of taking down the nonunion. Use unlisted code 23929 (Unlisted procedure, shoulder) and compare to 23485 (Osteotomy, clavicle, with or without internal fixation; with bone graft for nonunion or malunion [includes obtaining graft and/or necessary fixation]) or 24430 (Repair of nonunion or malunion, humerus; without graft [eg, compression technique]) which best describes work performed.

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