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Reader Question:

Nix Search for Pretibial Bursectomy Code

Question: How do we report pretibial bursectomy?New York SubscriberAnswer: Bursectomy of knee is 27340 (Excision, prepatellar bursa). This is the nearest possible code to pretibial bursectomy. The femoral bursectomy code is 27062 (Excision; trochanteric bursa or calcification). As a last resort, you may report the pretibial bursectomy with an unlisted code, 27599 (Unlisted procedure, femur or knee).Look at what in specific your surgeon is doing. In case of incision and drainage of the bursa, you report 27301(Incision and drainage, deep abscess, bursa, or hematoma, thigh or knee region).

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