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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Keep A Watch on Incisions For Finger Nodules

Question: Our surgeon excised mass in the finger. The procedure is as follows: Excision of multiple soft tissues masses was done. These appeared to be benign tumors encapsulated from the right fifth finger and the dorsum of the DIP base of the distal phalanx and also extended palmar radially. These appeared to originate possibly from the radial edge of the extensor tendon insertion. The second lobule was on the ulnar side of the extensor insertion and it was hard to say if this came from underneath the extensor tendon or across the top of the original radial lobules. There was a separate palmar nodule on the radial side accessible from the mid axial incision with this being deep to the neurovascular bundle and that was resected as well.What is the most appropriate code we can use to report this procedure?Texas SubscriberAnswer: If all the masses excised are through different incisions, [...]

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