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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Fall Back Upon 27360 for One or More Bones

Question: Can we report code 27360 (Partial excision [craterization, saucerization, or diaphysectomy] bone, femur, proximal tibia and/or fibula [e.g., osteomyelitis or bone abscess]) for the saucerization of the proximal tibia only and not the femur?Maryland SubscriberAnswer: The descriptor of the code 27360 clearly mentions that the code may be used for the partial excision of the bone for osteomyelitis or bone abscess. The descriptor also mentions that the bone may be 'femur, proximal tibia and/or fibula.' This means that your surgeon may be doing the craterization, saucerization, or diaphysectomy on the femur, proximal tibia, or femur. The inclusion of the term "and/or" in the code description means that the code is reportable when the procedure is performed on the femur, proximal tibia, or fibula alone OR any combination of these three bones.

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