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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Do Not Report Debridement with 27301

Question: Please advise on the correct codes to use for the scenario below."We did an incision & drainage with debridement of fat and fascia and portion of the iliotibial band from large thigh abscess. Large abscess started near the upper thigh by the groin crease, extended down to the distal one third junction of the thigh and reached from near the anteromedial line through the femoral triangle over to the mid lateral line. The actual abscess measurements were 23x10 cm and it was full of copious amounts of purulent material. The infection did not appear to be deeper than the muscle layer. Most of the abscess was below the fascia layer although there was small abscess in the subcutaneous layer. Incision was made down through the subcutis and msucle fascia. Copious amounts of gross purulence was drained. The incision was expanded superiorly and loculations were manually broken down within the [...]

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