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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Designate Sesamoiditis as Other Disorder

Question: What is the ICD-9 code for sesamoiditis of the foot? Pennsylvania Subscriber Answer: You report ICD-9 code 733.99 (Other disorders of bone and cartilage) for sesamoiditis of the foot. This code is also used to report other conditions like diaphysitis, hypertrophy of bone, and relapsing polychondritis. Sesamoids are tiny bones in the tendons that run to the big toe. These bones serve as a pulley and increase the leverage of tendons of the big toe. Since the sesamoids are within the tendon, sesamoiditis is a kind of a tendonitis. You report 28315 (Sesamoidectomy, first toe [separate procedure]) for the total or partial removal of the sesamoid bones. Use modifier RT (right) or LT (left) with 28315 performed for the sesamoid under the first metatarsal head. For the removal of an interphalangeal sessamoid bone of the first toe, you report TA (Left foot, great toe) or T5 (Right foot, great [...]

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