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Orthopedic Coding Alert

ICD-10 Update:

Side, Site Guide Your Myositis Code Choices in 2013

Calcification and ossification location matters in ICD-10.Myositis coding can be challenging as you're attempting to identify the right type from a broad range of conditions that fall under the category of myosisits. In 2013, you'll be looking at the specific site involved. Many ICD-10 codes include 'unspecified site' in the descriptors. See the advice below for optimal myositits code selection when ICD-9 transitions to ICD-10. Look for 'Unspecified Site' in DescriptorsICD-10 descriptors for the codes relating to musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disorders are more elaborate as these include the mention of 'unspecified site'.Example: ICD-9 code for infective myositis 728.0 (Infective myositis) maps to M60.009 (Infective myositis, unspecified site) in ICD-10. Similarly, the codes for myositis ossificans, heterotopic calcification, interstitial myositis, muscle rupture, and wasting and disuse atrophy of muscles include 'unspecified site' in the descriptors. Check out this list below.Code 728.11 (Progressive myositis ossificans) in ICD-9 maps to M61.10 [...]

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