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Recalculate Your Shoulder Decompression Pay for 29826 With This Advice

RVU decreases by 14.24 but remains higher than the 50% multiple procedure reduction.Now that CPT® code +29826 is an add-on code, you've changed the way you're reporting your surgeon's subacromial decompression services. Read on for an update on how the status change to +29826 (Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; decompression of subacromial space with partial acromioplasty, with coracoacromial ligament [i.e. arch] release, when performed [List separately in addition to code for primary procedure]) may affect your reimbursement this year."The new RVU for 29826 is 5.24, compared to the old RVU of 19.48, a decrease of 14.24 RVUs," says Kristi Stumpf, MCS-P, CPC, COSC, ACS-OR, owner, Precision Auditing and Coding, senior orthopedic coder & auditor, The Coding Network, Washington.The bottom line: Last year's payment was an average of $ 662 (RVU 19.48 x 33. 9764), whereas in 2012, you'll receive $ 178.3 (RVU 5.24 x 34.0376) depending on payer variations.Sort Out the Modifier [...]

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