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Orthopedic Coding Alert

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Augment Your Arthroscopic Reporting Accuracy With These Tips

Know where the arthroscopically aided procedures override the open approach. When your surgeon combines an open approach with an arthroscopic procedure, you'll be on top of your game if you're clear on reporting cases in which just part of the procedure is open approach. Follow our advice on correctly assigning seven key arthroscopic procedure codes that apply to arthroscopically aided procedures. Count Condyles to Select Between 29855 and 29856 Your surgeon may use arthroscope-assisted repair for the proximal tibial fracture in the tibial plateau that has a displacement and/or depression of the condylar surfaces. Specifically, tibial condylar fractures with ligamentous and meniscal injuries may require an arthroscopic-assisted elevation and screw fixation. Rationale: An arthroscopic approach causes less tissue damage than an open approach, aids to reduce depressed articular fractures, and allows for lavage in the joint. Arthroscopic approach also helps to remove hematoma, and allows concurrent work on ligamentous and [...]

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