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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Coding Strategies:

Reporting Multiple Fracture Repairs? Recast Your Claims With These Tips

Key: Watch the order and select the right modifiers.Miscoding when your surgeon in the ED provides multiple fracture repairs in the same session can mean you're missing out on deserved payment. Read on for advice on how to appropriately list fracture services, beginning with the highest value code. Capture All Services You should list all fracture repair services that your surgeon provides to keep from omitting work units for any fracture that your surgeon is treating.Example: You may read that for a patient who presented to the ED with a swollen foot after a road traffic accident, your clinician obtained a history, did a detailed clinical examination and diagnosed fractures in the left talus and calcaneus. Both the fractures were closed fractures and your surgeon did manipulation to treat the calcaneus fracture. In this case, you will report the E/M and the closed treatment of both fractures. In addition, you [...]

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