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Orthopedic Coding Alert

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Use This Elbow Surgery Benchmarking Data as Your Guide When Comparing Fasciotomy Usage

Medicare data reveals the most frequently reported elbow surgery codes Tally up your practice's elbow surgery code usage and then compare it to national Medicare data for orthopedists, which we-ve compiled for you, based on CMS utilization data for 2003.

The following information represents code utilization reported to Medicare for elbow fasciotomy procedures.

Code                Descriptor                                                          Percentage in Fasciotomy Category 24350                Fasciotomy, lateral or medial (e.g., tennis elbow or epicondylitis)                 22%
24351                - with extensor origin detachment                                                                     20%
24352                - with annular ligament resection                                                                        3%
24354                - with stripping                                                                                                        3%
24356                - with partial ostectomy                                                                                        51%

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