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Orthopedic Coding Alert

Check Out This Case Study for Tibial Spine Fracture Repair

Use our operative note example below to guide your code selection for an arthroscopic repair of the tibial spine fracture.Example: "After establishing visualization through the standard anterolateral portal, we examined the intraarticular notch, patellofemoral compartment, and medial and lateral compartments to establish the extent of injury. We then established an anteromedial portal and probed the tibial spine fragment to ascertain the displacement, comminution, and soft tissue involvement. The relationship of the medial meniscus, lateral meniscus, and intermeniscal ligament was then determined with respect to the fracture fragments. The articular involvement was confirmed in the medical compartment and the amount of ecchymosis and attenuation of the ACL was ascertained. We then debrided the hematoma and the loose fragments from the fracture base using a motorized shaver. Using a blunt trocar, we reduced the fracture and held it provisionally using a percutaneous 0.062-in Kirschner wire with the knee at 90 degrees of [...]

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