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Orthopedic Coding Alert

CCI 18.0:

Update Your Multi-layer Compression, Foreign Body Removal Coding With These Edits

If your practice provides neurostimulion services, note these changes.CCI 18.0, effective Jan.1, brings important changes that could affect your coding for some selected orthopedic services. Our experts advise you on what's critical in the latest round. Look for Neurostimultors and Epiphyseal Bar Excision AdjustmentsAs of Jan. 1, 2012, you can report neurostimulator electrode array placement, pulse generator implantation, and revision or removal of these along with epiphyseal bar excision code 20150 (Excision of epiphyseal bar, with or without autogenous soft tissue graft obtained through same fascial incision). "Pediatric orthopedicians may have the rare chance of using these codes," says Bill Mallon, MD, medical director, Triangle Orthopedic Associates, Durham, N.C. "Removal of an epiphyseal bar is performed for growth disturbances in long bones due to premature fusion of a portion of the growth plate. This can occur due to trauma or infection that causes the fusion of the epiphysis to the [...]