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Optometry Coding & Billing Alert

These Z Codes Can Make Your Claims Shine

Eye care practices that are unfamiliar with additional Z codes beyond the ones mentioned here may benefit from a quick review of this helpful list, which shares a peek at just a few of the diagnoses that can support your optometry claims:

You can use them to reflect a patient’s surgical history, such as the following:

  • Z98.41 (Cataract extraction status, Right eye)
  • Z94.7 (Corneal transplant status)

Z codes can describe implants:

  • Z96.1 (Presence of intraocular lens)

Use them to share personal histories:

  • Z90.01 (Acquired absence of eye)
  • Z87.720 (Personal history of [corrected] congenital malformations of eye)

Z codes often apply in aftercare scenarios:

  • Z48.810 (Encounter for surgical aftercare following surgery on the sense organs)

These codes can be helpful to describe specific encounters:

  • Z45.31 (Encounter for adjustments and management of implanted visual substitution device)
  • Z46.0 (Encounter for fitting and adjustment of spectacles and contact lenses).