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Oncology & Hematology Coding Alert

Here’s How to Collect the Clotting Factor Pay You Deserve
You'll need to make a distinction between acquired and congenital hemophilia A. Do you fi... Read more
CERT Report Says 3.0 Percent of Oncology / Hematology Visits Were Paid Improperly
Hint: Zero in on your oncology radiation therapy claims. Your oncology practice is probab... Read more
Follow This Expert Advice for Smart ‘Incident to’ Billing
Identify NPP services, describe direct supervision, and check payer guidelines. ‘Incide... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Malignant Bladder Tumor
Question: Our oncologist treated a patient for suspected bladder cancer. The diagnosis doc... Read more
Reader Question:
Cystoscopic Surveillance Does Not Guide Your Bladder Cancer Reporting
Question: Please provide directions for reporting ‘history of bladder cancer' versus ‘... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose Your Scope Code Based on Examined Area
Question: If the oncologist inserts a scope through the nose to examine the larynx, is thi... Read more
CCI 25.0:
Confused by Recent Biopsy Denials? Latest Round of CCI Edits May Be to Blame
These modifier indicator updates may be the subtlest changes to learn. As is typical of t... Read more
Prevail Over Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma Denials with This Advice
Check site of lymph nodes; distinguish mycosis fungoides vs. Sézary disease. Cutaneous T... Read more
Heads up: Spotlight’s on Modifier 57. Can You Withstand RAC Scrutiny?
You probably use this modifier now and then – find out what's under review. If your onc... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Differentiate Testicular and Scrotal Pain
Question: Our physician has documented pain in testicles and has not arrived at a definite... Read more
Reader Question:
Butting Heads with Your Physician? Try This
Question: I have a doctor that wants to see in writing where she has to document anywhere ... Read more
Reader Question:
Break Down These Inpatient Initial Care Codes
Question: Can you use inpatient initial care codes 99221-99223 more than once in the same ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Brush Up on Your Chemo Admin Coding Skills with This Detailed Example
Hint: Remember to apply modifier JW. New year, new problems? Hardly. Coding chemotherapy ... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Pauses Plan to Blend E/M Payments
Medicare offers a new payment proposal for 2021. In the annual CMS Medicare Physician Fee... Read more
2019 Fee Schedule:
Telehealth, Virtual Care Getting More Recognition
Use these Medicare G codes for certain services. Coders who want to remain up-to-date on ... Read more
Reader Question:
Can You Code Counseling with Vaccination on Same Day? Find Out
Question: Our physician administered the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and did counse... Read more
Reader Question:
Check That You Have Trained Counselor for 96040
Question: Can we submit code 96040 for genetic counseling? Is it correct to submit E/M cod... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Here's the Difference Between Excision vs Destruction
Question: Is there a difference between excision and destruction of basal cell carcinoma? ... Read more