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Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

Reader Question:

New CPT Section Means Tracking E/M Components

Question: I heard that there's a new code section coming in CPT 2004. What is it and how will we use it?

Florida Subscriber Answer: You're correct, there is a new section in CPT for 2004, Category II codes. Although you may be reporting more codes, you won't be seeing any additional reimbursement.
CPT's new Category II adds supplemental tracking codes for performance measurements. AMA adds this section to comply with HIPAA regulation requirements. These codes will not affect reimbursement. Instead, AMA hopes that these codes will facilitate data collection about quality of care, and some of the codes may relate to healthcare professionals' compliance with state or federal law. You should be aware of the following:
Using Category II codes is optional, and you may not substitute them for the regular Category I CPT codes.

Category II codes describe components that are typically included in an E/M service or test results that are part of the laboratory test/procedure.

Category II codes have no relative value units assigned to them.

AMA will release new codes for this section semi-annually, and you can find them on the AMA/CPT Web site They will be published in the CPT each year.
 The Category II codes that will be effective Jan. 1, 2004, are:
0001F - Blood pressure, measured
0002F - Tobacco use, smoking, assessed
0003F - Tobacco use, non-smoking, assessed
0004F - Tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling
0005F - Tobacco use cessation intervention, pharmacologic therapy
0006F - Statin therapy, prescribed
0007F - Beta-blocker therapy, prescribed
0008F - ACE inhibitor therapy, prescribed
0009F - Anginal symptoms and level of activity, assessed
0010F - Anginal symptoms and level of activity, assessed using a standardized instrument (e.g.,  Canadian Cardiovascular Society Classification -   CCSC - System, Seattle Angina Questionnaire - SAQ)
0011F - Oral antiplatelet therapy, prescribed (e.g.,   aspirin, clopidogrel/Plavix, or combination of aspirin   and dipyridamole/Aggrenox).

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