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Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

Reader Question:

Coding 58925 and 49320 Is A Mistake

Question: My ob-gyn performed a diagnostic laparoscopy with ovarian cystectomy. Would it be wrong to code as 58925 and 49320-51?   Florida Subscriber Answer: Yes. If you were to bill 58925 (Ovarian cystectomy, unilateral or bilateral) and 49320 (Laparoscopy, abdomen, peritoneum, and omentum, diagnostic, with or without collection of specimen[s] by brushing or washing [separate procedure]), you would not only be unbundling an existing procedure but also incorrectly specifying the surgical method.   If the cyst was removed laparoscopically, and the ob-gyn removed no part of the ovary with it (or any part of the fallopian tube), you should report 58662 (Laparoscopy, surgical; with fulguration or excision of lesions of the ovary, pelvic viscera, or peritoneal surface by any method) for this procedure. If any part of the ovary/tube was removed with the cyst, you report 58661(... with removal of adnexal structures [partial or total oophorectomy and/or salpingectomy]). Note that all procedures [...]

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Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

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