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Your 669.7x Cesarean Delivery Codes Merge into 1 Code in ICD-10

Hint: You must include an outcome code. When you report the cesarean delivery code in ICD-10, you'll have one option -- but make sure you include these additional codes as well. A cesarean delivery means the physician makes one or more incisions through the mother's abdomen and uterus to deliver one or more babies. Currently, you will choose a cesarean delivery code from one of two options: 669.70, Cesarean delivery, without mention of indication, unspecified as to episode of care or not applicable 669.71, Cesarean delivery, without mention of indication, delivered, with or without antepartum condition. ICD-10: In the future, you will use only one option: O82 (Encounter for cesarean delivery without indication). In other words, your two cesarean delivery codes "without indication" become one code in ICD-10: O82.›› ›› This is how you will locate these codes in the Alphabetic Index: Admission (for) - see also Encounter (for) - delivery, [...]

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