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Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

CCI 26.0:
Get Ready to Apply New Edits to New Category III Codes 0567T and 0568T
Also, consider new 2020 E/M codes bundled into the regular office E/M codes. Before you a... Read more
Target 4 Twin Delivery Scenarios With Expert Solutions
Here are the modifiers you need at your disposal. What should you do when twins are born ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Prepare Now for Fee Schedule Changes Will Affect Your Practice
Here's the latest on what to expect this year. There's a lot to interest ob-gyn coders in... Read more
Reader Question:
Code This Pessary Cleaning Scenario
Question: When a Medicare patient only comes in only for a pessary cleaning, what CPT® co... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s Where to Find LCD Edit for DEXA
Question: What is the link for the LCD edit for dual-energy x-ray absorp­tiometry (DEXA) ... Read more
Reader Question:
CPT® Cannot Be Clearer About 59510, +58611
Question: Our physician performs a bilateral salpingectomy at the same time he performs a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Tackle This Myoma Question
Question: When billing myomectomy, if the myomas are not intramural but the weight is grea... Read more
Reader Question:
Declare Victory Over Vestibular Anesthesia Testing Claim
Question: Would I use the unlisted CPT® code for this? Procedure: Vestibular A... Read more
Reader Question:
Special Symbol Identifies Add-On Codes
Question: I noticed that some evaluation and management (E/M) codes have a plus symbo... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Fetal Demise at 21 Weeks
Question: If the ob-gyn performs a D&E on a fetal demise at 21 weeks, do we report pro... Read more
Does Your Pregnant Patient Have New Insurance? Here’s What to Do
Key: You should count the number of visits before proceeding. Open enrollment means that ... Read more
Draw the Line between ‘Brief’ and ‘Extended’ HPI
Test your HPI know-how with these two scenarios. Your task: clean up your practice's E/M ... Read more
Keep Modifier 78 Handy for Your Vaginal Cuff Repair Claims
Ask, was this part of a staged procedure or another reason? To select the appropriate cod... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Uterine Replacement Related to Delivery
Question: The patient delivered vaginally (59400) and then had a complication, which requi... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s Why To Consider Cautery Incidental
Question: My ob-gyn documented the following: “Patient had surgery for pelvic pain, evi... Read more
Reader Question:
High BP Reading May Affect Global Service
Question: We have a patient pregnant with twins whose BP readings at her second prenatal v... Read more
Reader Question:
Dig Into These Initial, Follow-Up Ultrasound Codes
Question: What is the CPT® code for initial anatomy ultrasound at 15 weeks gestation and ... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid Reporting Mental Problem Diagnoses
Question: What is the difference between R68.82 and F52.0? New York Subscriber Answer: T... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Out This Laparoscopic Removal With Hysteroscopy Scenario
Question: Please confirm if I can use CPT® 49329 for “laparoscopic removal of an intraa... Read more
Reader Question:
Learn How to Determine E/M Level
Question: We have a new patient who is deaf, and her family member came to her appointment... Read more
Reader Question:
Apply Modifiers to Incomplete Abortion Scenario
Question: A patient came to the hospital with pelvic pressure and pain at 18 weeks. The U/... Read more