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Ob-Gyn Coding Alert

CPT® 2020 Update:
Sort Through Biofeedback, Flu Vaccine, and Fallopian Occlusion Confirmation Codes Before Jan. 1 Hits
If you're using patient portals, you'll rejoice at the inclusion of these new online codes... Read more
E/M Coding:
CPT® Panel Planning Big Changes for 2021 E/Ms
If you're fond of 99201, get ready to be heartbroken. Outpatient evaluation and managemen... Read more
Here’s How to Tack On Complication Visits to the Ob Package
Hint: You can report complications before or after delivery. You can receive increased re... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Excision of Cervical Septum
Question: Patient had a known septate uterus and vagina. After a vaginal delivery, the ob-... Read more
Reader Question:
Medical Necessity Crucial Component of Services Rendered
Question: Can you explain what definitions for medical necessity payers are working from? ... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid Adding Up ER and Office Visits
Question: If a patient was seen for an office visit (99214) first and then later on the sa... Read more
Prevent Making Ovarian Cyst Coding Mishaps by Following These 2 Tips
Bonus: Here's the documentation you need for cyst removals. Are you scratching your head ... Read more
Maximize Your Ultrasound Coding Skills by Revisiting Key Rules and Guidelines
Test your knowledge with a challenging two-part example. Following up on the article pres... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Coding for Postmenopausal Abnormalities? Pinpoint the Right Diagnosis
Here's how to tell the difference between osteoporosis and osteopenia. Spare yourself den... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Should You Report the Culture Codes? Find Out
Question: My ob-gyn saw a patient who had pus in the breast and did an incision and draina... Read more
Reader Question:
Submit External Cause Codes With Ease
Question: Should you ever sequence an external cause code as the principal diagnosis on a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Determine Your E/M Level for Deaf Patient
Question: We have a new patient who is deaf, and the patient came in with a family member ... Read more
Reader Question:
Highlight Drug Use ICD-10 Codes for Pregnant Patients
Question: When is it appropriate to add the O99.32- codes? My physicians are very hesitant... Read more
Reader Question:
Include Inductions in Global Care
Question: If a patient is in the hospital for several days being induced for a delivery, a... Read more
Reader Question:
Zero In on Coding This Cell Graft Hysteropexy
Question: Our physician states he performed a posterior colporrhaphy with enterocele repai... Read more
Here’s Why You Should Focus On Your E/M Visit Code for Repeat Pap Smears
Discover how private payers and Medicare differ when it comes to collection. If your pati... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Are You an E/M Coding Pro? 2 Ob-Gyn Scenarios Will Test You
Learn why ‘ROS unremarkable' won't work. When you have a high E/M component, you should... Read more
Zero In on Anatomical Criteria For Obstetrical Ultrasound Coding
If an element isn't documented, you should query the physician. You know obstetric ultras... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
See How You Fared in the Ob-Gyn E/M Challenge
Hint: You need to base your answers on the documentation. After you've read the scenarios... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Diagnostic vs. Screening Depends on Order, Not Implant
Question: My ob-gyn sees a patient who has breast implants or breast augmentation and orde... Read more
Reader Question:
Study These Behavior Change Service Codes
Question: We have an in-patient addicted to meth and other drugs. The ob-gyn document... Read more
Reader Question:
What’s the Difference Between CPD and Failure to Progress? Find Out
Question: Anytime a mother fails to bring the fetus down into the pelvis to deliver v... Read more
ICD-10 2020:
Get Ready for New Post Endometrial Ablation Syndrome, Pyuria Diagnoses
When a breast lump overlaps anatomical sites, use these new codes. You've got a new list ... Read more
Bust These 5 Modifier 24 Myths to Boost Your Ob-Gyn’s Bottom Line
Hint: Focus on the documentation, not the diagnosis codes. To ensure payment for E/M serv... Read more
Execute Perfect Enterocele Combo Claims With This Expert Advice
Do you know how to report a “modified radical” abdominal procedure? Find out. If you'... Read more
Reader Question:
Declare Victory Over This Vaginoperineoplasty Scenario
Question: What's the best way to code the vaginoperineoplasty portion of this procedu... Read more
Reader Question:
Contemplating a Robotic Surgery Surcharge? Read This First
Question: I know that very few payers reimburse at all for S2900 (Surgical techniques... Read more
Reader Question:
Highlight These Initial, Follow-Up Ultrasound Codes
Question: What is the CPT® code for initial anatomy ultrasound at 15 weeks gest... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Careful Which Code You Submit as Primary
Question: We billed CPT® codes 58552 and 49322-59 because of additional documentation fro... Read more
5 Tips Will Transform Your Tubal Ligations Into Ethical Reimbursement
Do you know when to apply modifiers 51, 52? Find out. When a patient no longer wishes to ... Read more
Are You IM Injection Coding Proficient? Find Out with 3 Q&As;
CPT® guidelines focus on whether the ob-gyn is present. Here's why. When you get ready t... Read more
Bust These 4 Myths to Achieve Aftercare Coding Perfection
Here are the codes you're most likely to see in your ob-gyn practice. When you think of f... Read more
Reader Question:
Patient’s Employer Requesting Labs? Look to These Z Codes
Question: What diagnosis code would I use if the patient is requesting labs for work? Vir... Read more
Reader Question:
Report FBR by How Ob-Gyn Got It Out
Question: My physician removed a foreign body from the vagina of a 4-year-old using a pedi... Read more
Reader Question:
You Cannot Separate Some Bundles
Question: We have a physician who performed a 44180 (Laparoscopy, surgical, enterolysis (f... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Out These Reqs for Fetal MRI
Question: What are the requirements for a fetal MRI? SuperCoder Subscriber Answer: Your ... Read more
Reader Question:
All O Codes Will Require Gestational Age
Question: If a patient says she has a complete AB, do we need to list the week's gestation... Read more
Reader Question:
Count Hemostasis as Part of Procedure
Question: Patient is one day post-op for 58548 (Laparoscopy, surgical, with radical hyster... Read more
Reader Question:
Only Reviewed Ultrasound? Find Out If You Can Use Mod 26
Question: Patient had 76815 (Ultrasound, pregnant uterus, real time with image documentati... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Complication from Previous Surgery Scenario
Question: A patient presents with a complication from a previous surgery which was a lapar... Read more
Reduce Delivery Coding Errors by Busting These 5 Myths
Some payers may want you to apply modifier 59 for this reason. Are you relying on global ... Read more
Here’s Why You Should Highlight “Polyhydramnios” In Amnio Documention
You should avoid 59000 for a fluid-reduction procedure. If coding amnio procedures — pa... Read more
Reconcile What You Know About Z Codes With This 7 Q&A Challenge
Think a Z code can't be a primary diagnosis? Find out if that's true. Z codes are key ele... Read more
News You Can Use:
Say Goodbye to Surgical Mesh Products for Pelvic Organ Prolapses
FDA has removed mesh products from the market. On April 16, the FDA decided to eliminate ... Read more
Reader Question:
Isolate the Tubal Counseling Time
Question: Patient had a suction dilation and curettage (D&C) after an incomplete misca... Read more
Reader Question:
Decide Who Can Record ROS
Question: There is a debate in our office about who can record an ROS. Can you help us? T... Read more
Reader Question:
Classify Heart Murmurs as a Symptom
Question: We have an ob patient who was just diagnosed with a heart murmur. The doctor is ... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid 88142 When Not Doing Pap Interpretation
Question: Patient came for her well woman checkup. She also had amenorrhea and intrauterin... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Pregnant Patient with Appendicitis
Question: A pregnant patient came in through the emergency department ED for right lower q... Read more
4 Tips Will Attack Extensive Adhesiolysis Coding Errors Before They Happen
Here are two scenarios when you can report adhesiolysis with another procedure. You may k... Read more
Draw the Line Between Labor Checks and NSTs
Are labor checks in the global service? Find out. Is 59025 your go-to code when the ob-gy... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Are You an ABN Expert? Take This Challenge
Learn how to use modifiers GA, GY, and GZ You use advance beneficiary notices (ABNs) to l... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s How to Handle Student Documentation
Question: We have a student currently at our clinic. Is this correct on documentation rule... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s Why Payers Won’t Cover 58700
Question: Wondering if anyone is seeing docs doing salpingectomies at time of c-section's?... Read more
Reader Question:
If Procedure Destroys Part of the Ovary, Use 58662
Question: Our ob-gyn did a laparoscopy with aspiration of one ovarian cyst and then drille... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Possible Molar Pregnancy
Question: My ob-gyn treated a patient he suspected had a possible molar pregnancy but... Read more
Thwart Labiaplasty Denials By Focusing on Why The Ob-gyn Performed the Surgery
Choosing 15839 when your documentation supports it could boost your practice's bottom line... Read more
Preventive Services:
Can You Bill Preventive, Problem-Oriented Visit on the Same Day? Find Out
Your ICD-10 code should justify medical necessity for extra services. When a preventive c... Read more
Observation Care:
CMS Finds Ob-Gyn Observation Care Claims Often Lack Appropriate Documentation
Incorrect coding errors also plague these services. It's a common occurrence at your ob-g... Read more
Reader Question:
Order Your BPP of Twin Ultrasound Codes This Way
Question: My ultrasound tech scanned a patient with a twin pregnancy. The patient is ... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s the Inpatient, Office Consult Difference
Question: Is there a difference between an office consultation and an inpatient consultati... Read more
Reader Question:
Laparoscopic IUD Removal With Hysteroscopy? Code This
Question: Please confirm if I can use CPT® 49329 for “laparoscopic removal of an intraa... Read more
Reader Question:
For a Surrogate, You Should Bill This Insurer
Question: If a surrogate/gestational carrier has insurance with maternity benefits, is the... Read more
Reader Question:
Get Ready for LCD Updates
Question: One of my colleagues said that Medicare is changing LCDs to eliminate ICD-10 cod... Read more
Reader Question:
Trample Those TRAP Syndrome Diagnosis Mistakes
Question: What would the ICD-10 code be for TRAP syndrome? The patient is carrying twins. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Boost Your New Versus Established Patient Knowledge
Question: Our practice was recently audited, and an established patient visit was marked a... Read more
Reader Question:
Fortify Your Infertility Diagnosis Know-How With This Case
Question: I have a tough case that I need help with. The physician suspected a recurrence ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Toxoplasmosis Screening Code
Question: I was wondering if someone could help. We have a newly pregnant patient who work... Read more
Here’s How You Can Declare Victory Over Vulvar Lesion Claims
Contemplating an integumentary code? Avoid making this $139 mistake. When you're deciding... Read more
Preventive Medicine:
Use CPT®’s Time Rule for Prolonged Preventive Services G Codes
Hint: You must clinically valid reason for the extra time. If your ob-gyn attempts to bil... Read more
Think You Can’t Use Global Codes for Late-Term OB Care Coding? Think Again
Here's why checking payer policies is key. You know that you should report antepartum car... Read more
Reader Question:
When Procedure Converts, Report the Final Code
Question: I know that the code for the treatment of ectopic pregnancy is 59150 when done l... Read more
Reader Question:
Sort Through These 2 Hour, 3 Hour Glucose Test Codes
Question: I'm trying to figure out how to bill for this Glucose 2 hour test... Read more
Reader Question:
MACs May Give You a Deadline Reprieve
Question: We have a few claims under medical review, and when we went to send the backup d... Read more
Reader Question:
Here’s Why the Scar Revision Location Matters
Question: The patient had the following surgery: Total Abdominal Hyster­ectomy (TAH), rig... Read more
Reader Question:
Medical Need Matters Most for Surgical Assistants
Question: When it comes to assisting (Gyn or C-Section) surgeries — does it matter if th... Read more
Reader Question:
Was the Dyspareunia Injection a Trigger Point? Find Out
Question: My doctor injected a local percutaneous injection for dyspareunia. What would b... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Excised Lesions Based on Diameters
Question: My ob-gyn documented this: Dx: Multiple Vulvar Lesions: Pt had vulvar ... Read more
Reader Question:
Simplify This Simple Skinning Vulvectomy
Question: My ob-gyn documented the following: Attention was drawn to vagina. The areas of... Read more
Reader Question:
Break Down These Inpatient Initial Care Codes
Question: Can you use inpatient initial care codes 99221-99223 more than once in the same ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Hernia Repaired at the Same Time as a Cesarean
Question: Our doctor did a cesarean on a patient and noticed a hernia that he repaired whi... Read more
CCI 25.0:
Adhere to These Active Surgical, Ultrasound, and E/M Edits — Or Face Denials
Note the 58542, 58558 modifier indicator change. As is typical of the first round of edit... Read more
CERT Report Says 7.7 Percent of Ob-Gyn Visits Were Paid Improperly
Ob-gyn lab claims have a higher 24.9 percent error rate. Your ob-gyn practice is probably... Read more
Check Out the Coding Errors That CMS Evaluated
CMS identified $31.6 billion in total improper payments among providers during 2018, and b... Read more
Heads up: RACs List of Open Issues Target Modifier 57
You probably use this modifier now and then – find out what's under review. If your ob-... Read more
Reader Question:
Perfect This Laparoscopic Pelvic Lymphadenectomy Scenario
Question: I am attempting to understand the issue of laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomies... Read more
Reader Question:
How to Solve This Cervical Laceration Repair Issue
 Question: A patient had a vaginal delivery. One hour later she was having a PP hemor... Read more
Reader Question:
Butting Heads With Your Physician? Do This
Question: I have a doctor that wants to see in writing where she has to document anywhere ... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Fetus 7th Character for ICD-10-CM Codes
Question: Please help me figure out the correct application of the 7th character in this c... Read more
Start the New Year by Perfecting Your Global Maternal Care Packages' Start Date
Hint: You should wait until the next full visit in most circumstances. So your ob-gyn dis... Read more
Prevail Over These Prolapse Claims by Following 3 Steps
Key: Highlight your ob-gyn's approach. If urogynecology seems like difficult coding terri... Read more
Knockout Modifier 59 Mistakes Before They Happen
Follow this ob-gyn example to see what's both right and wrong. You've figured out all the... Read more
Reader Question:
End the 99000 Debate Once and For All
Question: Our OB/GYN group is under new management, and our new manager is insisting I can... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Let Holiday Scheduling Put a Damper on Your Spirit
Question: Our six-clinician practice closes on major holidays, but we still have a rotatin... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember the Overpayment Clock Ticks Is Ticking
Question: If we realize we've received overpayments from CMS, what are the rules for retur... Read more
Reader Question:
Improve Your Coding Health with This New Flu Vaccine
Question: It seems like every year the AMA adds yet another CPT® code for a flu vaccine. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Look to Code First Note in This Type 2 Diabetes/UTI Encounter
Question: What is the correct way to code for type 2 diabetes and a urinary tract infectio... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Locate Your Leukorrhea Code In the ICD-10 Manual
Question: Is N98.8 the best ICD-10 code to report for leukorrhea? SuperCoder Subscriber ... Read more