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Neurosurgery Coding Alert

CCI 25.0 Update:
Conquer New Implanted Neurostimulator CCI Edits
Remember: Always check the modifier indicator. You've learned about the 2019 CPT® code a... Read more
2019 Update:
Discover 3 Tips for Reporting Spinal Arthrodesis from CCI Edits Policy Manual
Know the rules when surgeon performs arthrodesis across multiple interspaces. The 2019 up... Read more
Reporting Assistant Surgeons? Discover Which Modifiers You Can Append
Hint: Reserve modifier 82 for cases in a teaching hospital when a qualified resident is no... Read more
Reader Question:
Set This Critical Care Puzzle Straight
Question: During a recent critical care encounter, Dr. A spent 30 minutes with the patient... Read more
Reader Question:
Hone in on This Code for Removal of Previously Placed Spinal Catheter
Question: What CPT® code should we report if the neurosurgeon removed a previously placed... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Understand When to Correctly Append Modifier 24
Question: The surgeon completed a L5 laminectomy on a patient. Two months later, the patie... Read more