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Modifier Coding Alert


Circle the ICD-10 Release Date on Your Calendar

Take advantage of the resources CMS has made available online to assist you.

Move full steam ahead for the Oct. 1, 2015 deadline for the release of ICD-10, when you will finally say good-bye to ICD-9. 

While you’re testing or tying up loose ends, take a look at what CMS has put online to help you with your plan. Whether your office has 2 or 6 or more physicians, you can see what your plan should include. Read on to learn where to find help.

Keep Up with ICD-10 News

The ICD-10 news from CMS on Oct. 29, 2014 continues to enforce the final rule by the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) that the compliance date for ICD-10 is Oct. 1, 2015. Read the entire piece at

In the same news release, CMS shares links to articles, videos, fact sheets, and websites to assist you and your practice in your efforts to be compliant in October.

CMS continues in their effort to help providers and practices prepare for the October 1 transition date. One such effort is the creation of an online tool “Road to 10.” “Road to 10” provides access to an overview of ICD-10, specialty focused information about common codes, clinical scenarios, and more. You can even “Build Your Action Plan” on the site. 

Take a look at the “Road to 10” site at

To help you stay abreast of some common diagnoses coding changes, follow future issues of The Modifier Coding Alert to see ICD-9 to ICD-10 crosswalk information for common diagnoses you might be using in your practice. 

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