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Modifier Coding Alert

Multiple Procedures:
Focus on Debridement Types Before Adding 59
Remember, anatomical area is not an issue for these services. When a physician perform... Read more
News You Can Use:
Note New POS to Nail 'Off-Campus' Coding
Anticipate imminent changes in payment for off-campus provider-based clinics. As of Ja... Read more
Prepare for the Worst with Modifier CR Smarts
President must make declaration before you can use modifier. While no one wants to thi... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Unbundling Codes on Multiple Mammographies
Question: A 68-year-old Medicare patient reports to the physician for a scheduled s... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember Modifier 51 for Payers that Still Require It
Question: Our orthopedic surgeon recently performed the following fracture care rep... Read more
Reader Question:
Consider Payer Preference When Making 52/53 Decision
Question: During an endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedure... Read more
Reader Question:
Remember Modifier Pair for ED E/M, Thoracentesis
Question: A patient with shortness of breath reports to the emergency department (E... Read more
Reader Question:
Use 25 with New Prolonged Services Codes to Max Out Payment
Question: A 25-year-old new patient reports to the gastroenterologist complaining o... Read more
Focus on Site of Service, Code Sets to Ensure Modifier 26 Success
Here’s why many modifier 26 encounters occur off-site. When using modifier 26 (P... Read more
Use Separate Services, Not Diagnoses, to Drive E/M-25 Decision
Without E/M components separate from the procedure, you can’t report E/M-25. Whe... Read more
Pathology/Lab Coding:
Get Payer Input Before Reporting 90
Rules for reference lab modifier will vary by payer, region. When your practice codes ... Read more
You Be the Expert:
Choosing Modifiers for Hospice Patients
Question: A patient at a local hospice care facility with terminal lung cancer was havin... Read more
Reader Question:
Keep PC in Your Pocket for Some Surgical Mix-ups
Question: Some of the coders in the office were discussing a news story in which a patie... Read more
Reader Question:
Use These Modifier Tips to Avoid Inappropriate Usage Denials
Question: I have been training several new coders, and a couple of them are having probl... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Coding 'Family' Before Deciding on 59 or 51
Question: A patient reported to our practice for a scheduled esophagogastroduodenos... Read more