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Medicare Compliance & Reimbursement Alert

COVID-19 Round-Up:
Expect More Policy Changes With PHE Extension
Claims reviews are back. As coronavirus spikes across the nation, Medicare continues to t... Read more
Provider Relief Funding:
See New Details on PRF Reporting
Tip: Watch for changes to HHS dates and deadlines. It's critical to stay on top of COVID-... Read more
Improve Practice Communication With Query Advice
Tip: Categorize queries to avoid missteps. If you're updating your coding practices to pr... Read more
Reader Question:
Know HIPAA Rules on Contacting Prior COVID-19 Patients
Question: We've performed an abundance of COVID-19 tests at our practice. Recently, we rea... Read more
Industry Notes:
Get the Scoop on COVID-19 Counseling Payments
If you're testing patients for COVID-19 and counseling them on self-isolation, you can now... Read more
Industry Notes:
OIG Adds AAP Expansion to Work Plan
With audits and paybacks in full swing, the HHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) added th... Read more
Industry Notes:
MAC Gives Advice on Accelerated Payment Recoupment
Even though the nation is still in the throes of a pandemic, the feds are still forging ah... Read more
Industry Notes:
APMs Can Check First 2020 Snapshot on QPP Tool
The first snapshot of Performance Year (PY) 2020 data for Alternative Payment Models (APMs... Read more
See Tax Update on Provider Funding
Tip: Check feds' FAQs daily for COVID-19 changes. Whether you're still waiting for CARES ... Read more
Don’t Ditch Compliance During the Pandemic
Reminder: Enforcement discretions are not forever. Among the feds' top COVID-19-inspired ... Read more
Legislators Hope to Make Telehealth Changes Permanent
Many providers have come to depend on telehealth during these trying times. Not only has t... Read more
Industry Notes:
Claims Reviews Slated to Restart in August
If reports are accurate, the Medicare claims review reprieve may be coming to an end — s... Read more
Industry Notes:
Paper Checks Go Away for Medicare Enrollment Refunds
You can stop looking in your mailbox for that Medicare Enrollment application fee refund ... Read more
Industry Notes:
MAC Offers Advice on Denied Accelerated Payments
If your access to Medicare accelerated payments for COVID-19 relief has been thwarted, a M... Read more
Quality Payment Program:
Feds Offer Telehealth-Related eCQM Update
Caveat: Some measures may not be possible under the expansion. If you're revisiting your ... Read more
Reader Question:
Sidestep Medication Management Coding Snafus With These Tips
Question: What codes should we use for attention deficit disorder (ADD)/attention-def... Read more
Reader Question:
Documentation Is Key for Clean Telehealth Claims
Question: Like many Medicare practices, we've taken advantage of the telehealth expansion ... Read more
Regulatory Relief:
New Office Boosts Feds’ Administrative Relief Efforts
COVID-19 rollbacks, interoperability updates factor into policies. If you feel overwhelme... Read more
Billing Quiz:
Check Your Medicare Smarts With These Pointers
Tip: Consider utilizing an MSP questionnaire. Navigating Medicare claims can be tricky ev... Read more
Know These Important Details on the New PPP Law
See interim final rule clarifications on bonus and hazard pay. Sifting through all the ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Use This Insight to Bill for N95 Masks
Question: One safety measure our practice has implemented during the COVID-19 pandemi... Read more
Industry Notes:
Watch Out for Phone Scammers Posing as OIG
A recent scam alert suggests that you should be extra cautious of giving your personal inf... Read more
Industry Notes:
Nursing Home Patients Allege CARES Act Payment Theft
Many patients residing in nursing homes have received CARES Act stimulus checks — and sh... Read more
Industry Notes:
Get Ready for Updated ABN Forms in August
If you're updating your compliance protocols, you may want to add the updated Advance Bene... Read more
Reader Questions:
Expect 2019 MIPS Adjustments in the Near Future
Question: We submitted our 2019 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) p... Read more
New Federal Policies Prioritize Patient Access
Tip: Prepare now for health IT requirements or risk censure. There's no denying that data... Read more
Know These 5 Interoperability Policies
Hint: Data blocking faux pas will go live eventually. With pandemic woes on the front bur... Read more
5 Pointers to Sidestep Phishers
Warning: Investigate before you click. As you reshape your practice protocols to address ... Read more
Utilize These COVID-19 Coding Updates
Tip: Check out the relevant Z codes. With states and regions slowly opening back up due t... Read more
Reader Question:
Register These HCPCS, CPT® Differences
Question: When should we report HCPCS Level II codes versus CPT® codes? Are HCPCS Level ... Read more
Industry Notes:
See New CDC Testing Update
Plus: Medicaid providers finally receive CARES Act assistance. If you're getting ready to... Read more
See CARES Act Relief Fund Extensions
Tip: Check HHS website daily. If you're flummoxed by all the CARES Act Provider Relief Fu... Read more
Paycheck Protection Program:
Get the Scoop on PPP Loan Forgiveness
Expect the level of scrutiny to match the amount borrowed. If you applied for a Paycheck... Read more
Telehealth Services:
Pocket 5 MAC Tips on COVID-19 Telehealth Updates
Tip: Know the documentation requirements. Even if you're not on the frontlines during t... Read more
Reader Question:
Feds Offer a Pass on Medicare Claims Reviews During Pandemic
Question: We keep checking our Medicare carrier's website for the Targeted Probe and Educ... Read more
Industry Notes:
Add Handy New Summary to Your COVID-19 Resources
Plus: CMS Suspends 2% Payment Adjustment. If you're overwhelmed by the number of COVID-... Read more
See the Latest Round of COVID-19 Updates
Tip: Check CMS guidance before you submit claims. These unprecedented times — and the r... Read more
Revenue Booster:
Bolster Your Bottom Line With 3 A/R Steps
Use benchmarking to fix your issues. With the pandemic wreaking havoc on both the healthc... Read more
Obtain Authorizations Before Cameras Roll
Privacy requirements still matter in a pandemic. If you turn on the news these days, you'... Read more
Reader Question:
Know These Modifier CS Essentials
Question: With all the COVID-19 billing updates coming down the pike, our practice is conf... Read more
Reader Question:
Get the COVID-19 Facts on CR Modifier and DR Condition Code Usage
Question: Are Medicare providers supposed to be using the CR modifier or DR condition code... Read more
Industry Notes:
Post COVID-19 Testing Prices Upfront
If your organization has COVID-19 testing capabilities, the cash price of the diagnostic t... Read more
Industry Note:
OIG Adds Whopping 25 Issues to Work Plan in May
If you thought the feds might slow down their enforcement activity as providers struggle w... Read more
Industry Note:
Compare Your CARES Act Funding With Other Specialists
If you're curious about what others in your field are borrowing from the CARES Act Provide... Read more
Industry Note:
CMS Pushes MFA Requirement Deadline for PECOS, NPPS, and I&A
As the feds roll out more regulatory relief in times of COVID-19, you can take another adm... Read more
Know These Stark and AKS Waiver Updates
Tip: Plan ahead for your post-COVID-19 compliance transition. During the best of times, ... Read more
COVID-19 Funding:
Compare These COVID-19 Funding Programs
Urgent: Feds halt accelerated payment applications. If your practice is in need of financ... Read more
Prepare Now for Audits From COVID-19 Funding
Document where your reimbursement is coming from — and how you're using it. Now that th... Read more
Quality Payment Program:
Get MIPS Credit for COVID-19 Clinical Trial Data
Bonus: The improvement activity carries a higher-than-average weight. If you're still c... Read more
Rein in Your Risks Before a Crisis Hits
Tip: Rank your potential risks — and address them with a plan. Even though certain par... Read more
COVID-19 Round-Up:
Know These 5 Important COVID-19 Updates
Tip: Register new CDC guidance. As the feds release, retract, and change COVID-19-related... Read more
Know 2 COVID-19 Funding Options
Be aware that both carry stipulations attached to the reimbursement. If your Medicare pr... Read more
Medicare Telehealth Policy:
Know These COVID-Specific Telehealth Service Basics
Hint: Home visits, critical care are included now. Medicare Part B providers can now perf... Read more
Virtual Care:
Pocket This Telehealth Coding and Coverage Primer
Tip: Understand the basics of the 4 virtual service options. If your practice is rampin... Read more
Quality Payment Program:
CMS Offers COVID-19 Relief for QPP Participants
Know the extreme and uncontrollable circumstances policy update. The feds realize that c... Read more
Feds Ease Up on HIPAA Under Telehealth Expansion
Tip: Non-public facing apps are now OK. As the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continue... Read more
Medicare Advantage:
Register These 2021 Medicare Advantage and Part D Proposals
Hint: CMS continues to push telehealth services. With pandemic worries dominating the new... Read more
Industry Note:
See How 1135 Waivers Impact Medicare Enrollment in New FAQ
With the healthcare industry besieged by the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the feds h... Read more
Industry Note:
Feds Approve 34 States’ Waivers — and Counting
If you care for Medicaid beneficiaries in your state, the feds have some good news in thes... Read more
Industry Note:
Beware of COVID-19 Scammers, Warns OIG
Even during a crisis of epic proportions like the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), you m... Read more
Reader Question:
Verify MBI Status If Problems Arise
Question: A few of our Medicare patients' claims have been rejected, despite using their M... Read more
Covid-19 Update:
Review Medicare’s Telehealth Expansion Details
The 1135 waiver offers temporary relief for providers. As providers across the nation at... Read more
Knows These Telehealth Waiver Fundamentals
Register the top 5 must-knows about the Medicare updates. Medicare's expansion of teleh... Read more
Medicare Advantage:
Pocket 6 Expert Facts on Medicare Advantage Plans
Know that coverage rules differ significantly from Part B guidelines. If it feels like yo... Read more
Practice Management:
Apply Local Insight to Manage Practice During an Outbreak
Tip: Update decontamination policies accordingly. The decisions you make on a daily basis... Read more
Clip and Save:
Manage Your Mobile Device With 5 Steps
Tip: Set realistic BYOD rules. Mobile devices encourage coordination among providers, mak... Read more
Reader Question:
Know These Coding Options for COVID-19 Quandaries
Question: Has the government issued any guidance regarding coding for the current coronavi... Read more
Industry Notes:
CMS Releases New PACE Guidance in Response to COVID-19
Plus: Push back non-essential care for beneficiaries, feds suggest. The 2019 novel corona... Read more
Know the Hospital-Based Price Transparency Rule Facts
Tip: Choose your additional 230 shoppable services wisely. With Medicare rules seemingly ... Read more
Review 5 Steps to Prepare for Hospital-Based Price Transparency Requirements
Tip: Coordinate across departments for informed decision making. Time flies when you're c... Read more
Revenue Booster:
Master the Fee Schedule With These 8 Facts
Tip: Take advantage of the searchable database. From coverage rules to payment amounts, s... Read more
Health IT:
Increase Your AI Knowledge in 2020
Pocket 7 must-know terms and boost your AI savvy. As a Medicare provider, you may be util... Read more
Industry Note:
Medicare Budget Cuts Loom Large in 2021
It looks like Medicare providers may be tightening their belts again for 2021. Why? On Fe... Read more
Industry Note:
Feds Extend Joint Replacement Bundling Demo for 3 More Years
If you were looking forward to the end of the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJ... Read more
Industry Note:
Submit MIPS 2019 Data ASAP
If you're struggling to send your 2019 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)... Read more
Industry Note:
CDC Updates With Advice to Protect Providers from Infection
The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) advises the healthcare industry to ... Read more
Reader Question:
See New Vaping-Related Disorder Code Available April 1
Question: Our practice sees more and more patients with health issues related to vapi... Read more
Novel Coronavirus Round-Up:
Feds Offer Plethora of Guidance to Combat Novel Coronavirus
CMS updates with new HCPCS code. As worries about the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) p... Read more
Know These PHI Disclosure Essentials
Hint: Review your state's privacy rule under a PHE. As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) c... Read more
Cut Audit Odds With This Expert Advice
Hint: Watch for number transposition with common codes. As the Centers for Medicare &... Read more
Court Decision on Right of Access Creates Confusion
Tip: Check your state rules on data sharing. There's no doubt that the feds' mixed messag... Read more
See 4 Tips to Address Right of Access Woes
The government usually updates HIPAA to clarify rules and add protection for patients, but... Read more
Industry Notes:
Utilize Updated MIPS Tool to Chart 2020 Measures
Plus: Use revised CMS-855R form starting May 1. It's likely crunch time at your practice ... Read more
Healthcare Fraud Recoveries Exceed $2 Billion in 2019
Hint: Expect healthcare to remain a primary target in 2020. Though the feds may be keen t... Read more
Protect Your Practice Against Whistleblowers
Tip: Take all employees' concerns into account. If you feel overwhelmed by Medicare's ste... Read more
Address Qui Tam Concerns With These 4 Tips
Hint: Educate staff on compliance to circumvent fraud. Being at the center of a qui tam s... Read more
National Correct Coding Initiative:
Take a Closer Look at the NCCI PTP Edit Pair Guidelines
Know how 0, 1, and 9 add up to total coding success. You may be struggling to interpret t... Read more
Policy Update:
Know All the Facts on New Acupuncture Coverage Changes
Caution: Review provider restrictions to avoid denials. If acupuncture services are on yo... Read more
Screen Your Third-Party Billers
Tip: Ask to see second references. Are you considering updating your billing protocols or... Read more
Industry Notes:
QPP Results Show Incentives on the Rise
Plus: CMS says MIPS participation is up, too. Many providers found the 2017 Quality Payme... Read more
Recovery Audit Contractors:
Expect Heightened Scrutiny on AWV and IPPE Blunders in 2020
All 3 RACs spotlight this perennial Medicare problem. Annual wellness visits (AWVs) and i... Read more
Telehealth Compliance:
Bolster Telehealth Reporting With MAC Reps’ Insight
Hint: Location factors into Medicare's conditions for payment. As Medicare and other paye... Read more
Prep Your Staff for Disaster With These Tips
Reminder: CR modifier isn't just for natural disasters. The earthquakes in Puerto Rico ar... Read more
Quality Payment Program:
Know These MIPS Eligibility Essentials
Plus: Find out how MIPS exemption works. Medicare is knee-deep in its fourth year of the ... Read more
Reader Question:
Practice Scope Determines Risk Documentation
Question: We are in the beginning stages of our annual risk assessment. Is there a format ... Read more
Industry Notes:
Use MBI Tool to Review Deceased Patients’ Information
Date of death factors into MBI accessibility. You can still pull up a patient's Medicare ... Read more
Coding Errors:
Documentation Struggles Top CERT Report
‘Corrective actions' factor in 2019 improper payment rate reductions. You may find Medi... Read more
Expect More Payment Scrutiny in the Future
New ‘five-pillar' program aims to cut the rates upfront. Due in part to the skyrocketin... Read more
E/M Services Remain Perennial Problems for Providers
Initial hospital care, office visits top improper payment charts. It's no surprise that p... Read more
Quality Payment Program:
Review 3 New QPP Updates
The feds need QPs' information ASAP. Quality reporting is tricky, and the policies change... Read more
Add These 10 Coding Tips to Your 2020 Policies
Hint: Know your MAC's rules to avoid confusion. Collecting Medicare reimbursement for all... Read more
Industry Notes:
FDA Gets New Commissioner
Plus: Sidestep Medicare exclusion with new tutorial. After months with an array of acting... Read more