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Back to Basics:
Pony Up Your ADL Documentation
Try out these tips to help your staff help you. Activities of daily living (ADLs) are a c... Read more
Surveys and Compliance:
Compile This Info Before Surveyors Knock
Don't chance scrambling to get surveyors the information they need when you can have the ... Read more
Look Out: Some Phase 2 Regs On Hold
A last-minute CMS memo outlines some Ftag enforcement delays, as well as changes to Nursin... Read more
Person-Centered Care:
Use These Words, Avoid Certain Tones
Brush up on how your language affects every aspect of the care you provide. Your facility... Read more
Coding Quizzer:
Brush Up On M0140 With These Scenarios
Check your answers on page 142. Scenario 1: Mr. Hamilton was readmitted to the facility a... Read more
Clip And Save:
Keep Your Residents' Health Information Safe
Increase your fluency in IT terminology to help prevent your facility falling victim to cy... Read more
CMS Announces Instructions For Victims of 'Cyber-Emergencies'
Follow these steps if you or a colleague suspects or confirms that your organization or fa... Read more
Coding Quizzer Answers
Answer 1: You would check M0104E, according to the RAI Manual. "A surgical flap procedure ... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
CMS Releases 2018 Therapy Code Updates
CMS has released the 2018 therapy code changes. They become effective Jan. 1, 2018, and mu... Read more
Subscriber Q&A
Question: If a Medicare Part A resident is admitted to my facility for fewer than five day... Read more
Watch Out For These New F-Tags
Prepare for the upcoming new facility assessment rules. Have you checked out the newest F... Read more
Maintain the MDS Throughout Evacuation Difficulties
Don't compound disaster by documentation failures. Even if you weren't personally affecte... Read more
Pharmacy Services Rules Revamped, Too
Watch out for a new requirement for your residents' medications: monthly drug reviews. The... Read more
Big Changes Effective Soon
Big changes in facility assessments are happening this month. November is a big month for... Read more
Submit Your Medicare Improvement Ideas Before Thanksgiving
Don't forget: Only a few weeks left to submit public comment as to how to improve Medicare... Read more
Believe Allegations Of Harassment
Elder abuse is a huge problem, but staff need protection from harassment, too. Sexual har... Read more
Learn New Rules On Dentures
There's finally some new guidance on how to best deal with residents' dentures, and docume... Read more
Reframe Patient-Centered Care
Find out which implications this little phrase for care, as well as facility organization.... Read more
MDS As Care Planning:
Are You Ready for Baseline Care Plans?
Make sure you understand this Phase 2 requirement to avoid being cited F655. Make sure yo... Read more
MDS Best Practices:
Who's On Deck?
Implement contingency plans to make sure staff can always access crucial MDS information. ... Read more
Is Your Facility Ready for Emergency Preparedness?
Use this in-depth primer to make sure your facility is ready for an emergency — and ... Read more
Resident-Centered Care:
Learn the Particulars About The Federally Mandated Neutral Advocate for Residents
What do you need to know about an ombudsman? With the sea change toward resident rights, ... Read more
Industry Norms:
Find Out How Your Work Compares
How long does it take others to complete the MDS? As an MDS coordinator, you may be the o... Read more
Healthy Environment:
Don't Let Employee Sickness Make Your Facility Feel Hostile
Brush up on the legal requirements and colleague best practices to make your facility feel... Read more
MDS Best Practices:
Preparing Residents for Evacuations During Natural Disasters
Go above and beyond your facility’s official protocol to make nervous residents more... Read more
Item Focus:
Resident's Impact on Self and Others
How do you judge ‘significant’ impact in E0500 and E0600? The MDS encourages ... Read more
What Do You Think?
Check out these scenarios applicable to E0500 and E0600, and test your coding skills and r... Read more
Important Update:
CMS Mistaken on SNF Review and Correct Report
If you had trouble understanding CMS’s Quality Reporting Program data submission for... Read more
Care Planning:
Refresh And Revitalize Your Writing And Formulation
Use these steps to build a comprehensive care plan that puts residents’ needs first.... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
Don't Choose Facility Loyalty Over Resident Rights
If you encounter resident abuse, contact law enforcement immediately or risk steep fines. ... Read more
MDS Coordinator:
Not All Heroes Wear Capes
Check out which skills serve MDS coordinators well. MDS coordinators are responsible for ... Read more
Seasonal Preparations:
Brush Up on Flu Season Best Practices
Don’t let flu season catch you, your staff, or residents by surprise. You know that... Read more
Intersectional Coding:
Is Your Flu Vaccine Coding Insufficient?
You know to code the flu vaccine in Section O, but are you forgetting something? Brush up... Read more
Industry News to Use:
Establish or Re-examine Staff Cell Phone Protocols, Stat, or Risk Fines and Litigation
Don’t let surveyors hit you with F-tags for outdated cell phone policies or staff mi... Read more
Social Media Training Tips:
Avoid F-tags! Make sure staff knows your facility's cell phone policies
Many of the active criminal cases involving charges against former SNF employees involved ... Read more
Item Focus:
Don't Get Tripped Up By Section H Toileting Trials
Use toilet training programs to keep residents comfortable and bolster care plans. Reeval... Read more
What Do You Think?
Test your knowledge by coding these scenarios. Scenario: Ms. Silverton, who recently fell... Read more
Pay Attention To These Expert Tips for H0200
Remember that a toileting program trial needs to be tailored specifically to each reside... Read more
Take Another Look:
Save Time And Money With Prompted Voiding
These tips could save your team hours in changing residents’ wet garments, and make ... Read more
RAI Manual Updates:
Don't Get Snagged By Noncompliance: New Appendix PP
“Minor” changes urge surveyors to focus on resident rights. Though the new Ap... Read more
Surveys and Compliance:
Learn The Particulars Of "Patient-Centered Care"
F-tag update encourages surveyors to quiz residents about their involvement in their care ... Read more
MDS News:
Prepare Now For Section N And Section P Additions Or Pay The Price
Bolster your knowledge and adjust your protocols before changes go into effect. Oct. 1, 2... Read more
Item Focus:
M1040: Break Down and Code Skin Problems Beyond Pressure Ulcers
Check in on skin issues, head to foot, and learn tips to code pressure ulcers after surgic... Read more
Section L:
Don't Be Intimidated by Oral Examinations
Oral health assessments and coding can bolster quality of life and Quality Measures (QM). ... Read more
Don't Risk F-Tags With An Insufficient QAPI Plan
Make sure your QAPI documentation holds water to avoid noncompliance. Further Quality Ass... Read more
MDS as Care-Planning Tool:
Put the Dementia Puzzle Pieces Together for Better Quality of Care
Utilize the MDS as a tool for navigating and documenting dementia. Use the MDS assessment... Read more
Quick Tips:
Are You Using Your Oral Assessment Finds?
Your findings in the oral health assessment, necessary for Section L (Dental), provide cru... Read more
MDS Section G:
Are You Missing An Easy QI Fix?
Use mealtime assistance MDS documentation to curb weight loss. Implementing protocols abo... Read more
Use Section GG to Establish Eating and Assistance Goals
You’ll only complete Section GG at the beginning of a resident’s Medicare stay... Read more
Check-in on the Quality of Your Facility's Meal-Time Assistance
Use this tool to evaluate staff/resident interaction during meals. Unintended weight loss... Read more
MDS Section D:
Are You Capitalizing on Mealtime to Assess a Mood Disorder?
Talking to residents about their appetites can illuminate red flags. Eating or nourishmen... Read more
MDS as Care-Planning Tool:
Plan For The F-Word
Use the MDS for fall documentation, investigation, and care-planning. Falls: The F-word n... Read more
MDS Section J:
Are You Coding Nonchemical Pain Intervention Correctly?
Use conversation and care-planning regardless of medication. Chemical pain management&rsq... Read more
Patient Voice:
How You Can Better Understand Resident Goal Setting
Recording residents’ wishes and coding resident goals across the MDS. Section GG is... Read more
Monitoring Mobility:
Learn How All Team Members Can Observe ADLs For Minor Changes, First
Use your colleagues’ experiences and observations to maximize your care. Teamwork i... Read more
MDS Best Practices:
Keep Your Charts Accurate And Your Records Straight
What you can do to minimize copycat charting The best way to provide the highest quality ... Read more
MDS Section P:
Leave Restraints Behind: Go Beyond Coding on Section P
The definition of ‘restraint’ keeps evolving. Section P seems straightforward... Read more
Intersectional Coding:
Are You Coding UTIs Correctly?
Avoid F-tags and expand your coding to fully match your assessment. You know that UTIs ar... Read more
Keep Your Five Stars: Don't Resuscitate a DNR
Make sure your facility’s protocol is up to snuff to avoid legal action and F155 En... Read more
The QRP Deadline Is Looming: Check Your Final Validation Report
Follow 5 easy steps to check this report in the CASPER system. You have only until May 15... Read more
Take A Closer Look At The New Facility Assessment Requirement
Brace yourself now for surveyors to focus on this new document. Phase 2 of the revised Nu... Read more
Section F:
Heed 4 Tips To Bolster Your Coding Of Interview For Daily Preferences
Learn why these interview responses are important to care planning. When coding item F040... Read more
What Would You Do?
Question 1: Staff members don’t walk a resident 50 feet, but instead walk the reside... Read more
Pop Quiz:
Decode Residents' Interview Responses For Correct F0400 Coding
Remember to echo and clarify to determine the right answer. Because your coding of item F... Read more
Triple-Check Checklist: Get Your Paperwork In Order
Review the UB-04 with a fine-tooth comb to ensure accuracy. Conducting an effective Tripl... Read more
Section C:
Let 4 Scenarios Illustrate Proper Coding Of Item C1000
Confusion over new or different situations could indicate ‘modified independence.&rs... Read more
Answer Key:
F0400 Coding
Answer #1: Code F0400A as 1 — Very important. Answer #2: Code F0400B as 1 — V... Read more
Quality Measures:
Take 6 Steps Now To Improve Your Behavior QM Score
Consider these additional factors when a resident is wandering. The Centers for Medicare ... Read more
What To Expect From The Second Round Of RoP Challenges
Heads up: PRN orders for these medications are now limited to 14 days. If your facility&r... Read more
Take Control Of Your RoP Compliance With This Phase 2 Checklist
Make sure you stay on top of all the new programs, forms, and systems. Phase 1 of the nur... Read more
Test Your Skills For Coding The Pain Assessment Interview
Are rates of self-reported pain higher or lower than those of observed rates? Being able ... Read more
What Would You Do?
Question 1: Why do my correction/modifications get rejected? Answer 1: If the ASAP system... Read more
Section O:
Study 7 Scenarios To Hone Your Restorative-Nursing Coding
Don’t make this mistake when you should actually code 0. Incorrectly coding item O0... Read more
Answer Key:
Pain Assessment Interview
Answer 1: c) 5 days. The look-back period for items J0300 through J0600 is five days, and ... Read more
RAI Manual:
Closer Look: What To Expect From Upcoming MDS 3.0 Revisions
Find out why industry experts are puzzled by the new item P0200. Looking ahead to the upc... Read more
5 Crucial Facts You Need To Understand About The Baseline Care Plan
Know when you can get away with having just the comprehensive care plan. Are you ready to... Read more
Section K:
Hone Your Math Skills To Perfect Your K0710 Coding
How to calculate fluid intake when resident had tube only one day. If you’re not fo... Read more
New Changes To The SFF Program: Stay Off This CMS List
If selected, make sure you take these actions to get out of the program. Bad news: Now yo... Read more
Test Your Continence Coding Know-How With This Pop Quiz
When should you code ‘unable to determine’ for H0200? Brush up on your Sectio... Read more
Cheat-Sheet: Where To Get Answers To Your MDS & QRP Questions
Know where to find contact info for your State RAI Coordinator. With all the changes and ... Read more
Answer Key:
section H Quiz
Answer 1: You would code this scenario in item H0200A as 0 — No and skip to H0300 &m... Read more
MDS 3.0:
Tackle The Top 6 MDS-Related Challenges For 2017
Pay attention to 2 overarching themes in the obstacles you’ll face. Between the ... Read more
Submit Your PBJ Data Now To Avoid Getting Into Hot Water With CMS
Don’t overlook this major change to the Employee ID field. If you haven’t ... Read more
Get Answers To 5 Common Questions About PBJ
Use this conversion list to properly report partial hours worked. Do you have head-scr... Read more
Section C:
Coding Step-By-Step: Break Down The New Item C1310
Mistake: Don’t rely on coma or stupor diagnosis to code C1310D. You’ve pro... Read more
Section E:
Refresh Your E0100 & E0200 Coding To Properly Record Resident Behaviors
Make sure you’re taking these extra steps to assess possible delusions in E0100. ... Read more
Industry News to Use:
Take 7 Actions To Improve Your Antibiotic Stewardship Efforts
Use this CDC companion checklist to get started. You should be doing more to bolster y... Read more
Reader Question:
How Should You Gauge Your Facility's Falls Rating?
Question: I’m a Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) at a nursing facility and am in c... Read more