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Care Planning:
Focus on Vision For Quality Of Life
Don't miss a key element of preserving quality of life. Vision is a sense most of us take... Read more
HIPAA Compliance:
Texting Makes for Risky Business
Understand why texting is dangerous before you craft policies or train staff. MDS coordin... Read more
Industry Updates:
Illinois Appellate Court Rules Nursing Facilities Cannot Determine Sexual Consent
Cognitively impaired residents cannot consent; learn from this facility's “immediate jeo... Read more
CMS Updates:
Keep Up to Date With CMS Regs, News
Access Information on PDPM Resources. Did you miss the Medicare Learning Network Dec. 11 ... Read more
ICD-10 Focus:
Increase Your ICD-10-CM Fluency by Understanding ‘Excludes1’
Get a grip on Excludes1 note and jump ahead on your coding knowledge. This month, you'll ... Read more
ICD-10 Coding Quiz:
Can You Code This COPD Scenario Correctly?
Test your ICD-10 skills with this scenario. Chronic health conditions plague many residen... Read more
Reader Question:
Telehealth Won’t Replace Provider Visits
Question: My facility is in a rural region and we have a dearth of physicians or even nurs... Read more
Reader Question:
‘Continence’ Defined by Intention, Not Location
Question: We have a resident who is fairly immobile and used to use a handheld urinal when... Read more
Reader Question:
Healed Surgical Sites are not Wounds
Question: One of our residents recently returned from an operation and has a peripherally ... Read more
Reader Question:
Different States Require Different Employee Vaccinations
Question: I just moved to a new state and am working at a new long-term care facility. I h... Read more