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Emergency Preparedness:
CMS Publishes Proposed Rule Affecting SNFs EPPs
Check out some of the ways your facility may be affected by this proposed rule and get you... Read more
Resident-Centered Care:
Understand the Language Changes in Section M
Besides adjusting the language so it's standard across different levels of care, CMS's cha... Read more
Clip and Save:
Keep This Glossary of Pressure Injury Terminology Handy
Assessing and coding pressure injuries can be daunting, so keep this glossary of RAI Manua... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
Navigating Medical Marijuana in Your Facility
Marijuana legalization probably won't affect long-term care facilities in the near future,... Read more
Policies and Procedures:
Don't Overlook Employee Marijuana Use
Federal regulations conflict with state laws, which may leave everyone a bit confused. Ha... Read more
Alexa May Be Helpful, But Don't Roll Out the Welcome Mat Just Yet
A device that can answer questions, remember things, and engage lonely residents sounds li... Read more
Item Focus:
Don't Get Tripped Up by Chemotherapy Coding
Chemotherapy only appears once on the MDS, but coding it may be complicated. Coding chemo... Read more
CMS Updates:
2018 RAI Manual: Note These Important Changes
This year's RAI Manual arrived a few weeks early — dive in now so you're adequately prep... Read more
With PDPM, ICD-10 Takes on Increased Significance
If you don't feel like your ICD-10 knowledge is up to snuff now, seek training now so you'... Read more
Clip and Save:
Reevaluate Your Facility's Adherence to ADA Requirements for Deafness
Knowing a facility's responsibility in ensuring accessible communication can save everyone... Read more
Person-Centered Care:
Support LGBT Residents with These Efforts
Making a concentrated effort toward inclusivity will help all residents feel at home — a... Read more
Get the Skinny on Feeding Assistants
Check in to make sure your facility is employing the correct standard of care in the dinin... Read more
Help Protect Residents by Installing Work Computer Updates
Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility; make sure your facility's practices and protoc... Read more
Item Focus:
Understand Drug Regimen Review Expansions
Don't fall prey to the trickiness of new requirements for drug review. Like so many aspec... Read more
Back to Basics:
Brush Up On ICD-10 Coding Know-How
Make Section I easier with a basic understanding of how to look up codes. If you've ever ... Read more
What You Need To Know About Coding Pressure Ulcers
You may feel comfortable navigating Section M on the MDS, but what about accurate ICD-10 c... Read more
Untangle Misunderstandings About Changes In Medicare Non-Coverage
Check out expert clarification on facilities' responsibilities concerning noncoverage. Th... Read more
Acknowledging Cultural Context Could Strengthen Staff
Look to your workforce to see what your facility can do to champion your community. It ma... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
CMS Posts Final Rule
Look for major implications for your facility, despite little change since April's propose... Read more
Best Practices:
Know the Ins and Outs of 'Against Medical Advice'
Understanding residents' rights can help you be proactive instead of reactive. Navigating... Read more
Up the Ante On Admission Evaluation Notes
Think of nursing notes as an effort that can illuminate care delivery and make staff's liv... Read more
Make These Changes to Reduce the Risk of Resident Identity Theft
Don't compromise residents' safety or your facility's reputation with shoddy employee poli... Read more
Clip and Save:
Incorporate These Questions into Meetings with Resident Families, Representatives
Starting a conversation could make a big difference. Be proactive with your care planning... Read more
MDS Best Practices:
Navigate Hospice Assessments Better with These Tips
Understand which SCSA pathways are necessary. You may know that a Significant Change in S... Read more
Develop A Strategy For Direct-Care Workers Now
Hint: Finding, recruiting, and retaining quality staff will become more important — and ... Read more
Implement These Programs To Boost Employee Retention
Providing pathways for advancement and accountability helps everyone. Quality and trustwo... Read more
Regulatory Change:
PBJ is Here; Is Your Facility Scoring Well?
Hint: Pay special attention to your RN staffing. So much of the long-term care industry i... Read more
News You Can Use:
Keep Up to Date: CMS Adjusts 2018 MDS Draft
Keep on top of further changes to the next version of the MDS before it goes into effect i... Read more
Industry Realities:
What You Need To Know About Staff Substance Abuse In Your Facility
Staff may be using and suffering, even while at work. Substance abuse, especially opioid ... Read more
Clip and Save:
Make Meetings Meaningful
Having a plan can go a long way in efficiency. Know Why You're Holding the Meeting What ... Read more
Policies and Procedures:
Don't Get Tripped Up By Family Leave Policies
Hint: Craft separate policies for pregnancy leave versus parental leave and know your righ... Read more
Keep Business Associate Agreements Current
As covered entities that often engage with many outside vendors, nursing homes may risk no... Read more
Know These Nutrition Services Ftags
Brush up on these Nutrition Services requirements or risk surveyors' citations. Look at Y... Read more
CMS Releases FY 2019 Prospective Payment System Update
RUG-IV and RCS-1 are out, and the 'SNF Patient-Driven Payment Model' is in. On Friday, Ap... Read more
Capitalize On These Tips To Ensure Antibiotic Stewardship Success
Hint: Take a multilevel approach to staff education and commitment. The mandating of an a... Read more
Item Focus:
Remember These Basics When Evaluating Hearing
Use all of your senses to determine a resident's hearing ability. Every facility has to a... Read more
Watch Out For These Hearing-Related Ftags
Hearing aids are always a hot-button item. Hearing aids and other hearing devices usually... Read more
Patient Care:
Arm Staff With De-Escalation Training
Knowing how to defuse situations is increasingly crucial to providing high-quality care. ... Read more
Don't Let Mobile Device Vulnerability Cause Security Breaches
Though management may want key employees to be able to access information outside the offi... Read more
Clip and Save:
Bolster Mobile Device Security
Keep these strategies in mind for a comprehensive plan to minimize cyber vulnerabilities. ... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Keeps Moving Toward Patient Empowerment
New programs streamline regulations while providing patients with more control. Last mont... Read more
Item Focus:
Monitor Wandering Before You Code
Evaluate the awareness and safety of the resident before coding Section E. With the updat... Read more
Medicare Compliance:
Find Out About New Medicare Card Information
Warning: CMS wants everyone on board by January 2020. The Centers for Medicare and Medica... Read more
Clip and Save:
Know These Important Dates for MBI Cards
Keep these specifics in mind while transitioning your practice to the Centers for Medicare... Read more
Team Building:
Don't Create Sick Policies That Penalize Staff
Don't let an early spring sickness bring down your team's morale. Every employee knows th... Read more
Working in LTC:
Avoid Burnout With These Tips
Keep team members happy, healthy, and productive. Both management and individual employee... Read more
OIG Cracking Down On Fraud
One focus is overbilling therapy claims. The office of inspector General (OIG) of the U.S... Read more
Brush Up On Five-Star Rating Health Inspections
Current information may not be incorporated into your rating until later this year. Right... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
Revised rules may trip up payment. Remember: The newly revised SNF Advance Beneficiary No... Read more
Did You Know?
Make The Most Of Your TCI MDS Alert Subscription You have more than a decade's worth of i... Read more
RAI Process:
MDS Changes Coming October 2018
The 106 changes include new item sets requiring IDT collaboration. Though the 2019 MDS is... Read more
SNF Quality Reporting Program:
Keep These Quality Measures In Mind
You can start preparing now for quality measure reporting that will come into play this Oc... Read more
Big Changes Coming Via Proposed Resident Classification System
The proposed rule categorizes therapy and payment completely differently than RUG. Back i... Read more
Feds Wary Of Uncouth Discharges
Remember: Facilities are required to notify resident and ombudsman in advance. The Center... Read more
Dazed and Docile
Human Rights Watch identifies drugs as a nursing facility mechanism of controlling residen... Read more
Medicare Part B:
SNFs 'Rural' Status May Have Changed
Hint: Medicare says certain conditions must be met for telehealth reimbursement. Don't ge... Read more
Best Practices:
Keeping Residents Safe from Sexual Abuse
Training staff to recognize signs of abuse is key to resident safety. Sexual abuse and it... Read more
Section P:
Evaluate Bed Rail Usage, Stat
Surveyors now have bed rail-specific FTags. Bed rails and the risk for entrapment have be... Read more
Clip and Save:
Know These Crucial Timelines to Report Resident Abuse
Post these specific instructions and timelines for reporting resident abuse, neglect, and ... Read more
Item Focus:
Stay Current on Assessing Shortness of Breath
Interview, assess, observe - but what if you find conflicting information? You and team m... Read more
Double-Check Physician Order Signatures
Physician and NPP order signature rules are being enforced by MACs, resulting in Medicare ... Read more
Item Focus:
Follow These Tips for Flu Coding
Hint: The timing of flu diagnosis affects your MDS coding. You probably noticed that ther... Read more
Clip and Save:
CDC Protocols For Flu Outbreak
Try to contain the spread of infection and focus on prevention. The 2017-2018 flu season ... Read more
Industry News You Can Use:
CMS Implements Part B 'Always Therapy' Service Edits
Find out which modifiers are required. Background: Therapy services that can be considere... Read more
RAI Manual Appendix B Released
Find your current state coordinator's name and contact information. The Centers for Medic... Read more
SNF QRP 2017 Reporting Deadline Extended
Don't forget: The Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program (SNF QRP) deadlines f... Read more
CMS Provides Clarifications On Texting Physician Orders
The clarifications boil down to 'texting physician orders is forbidden.' The Centers for ... Read more
Surveys and Compliance:
Check Out These New Matrix Tips And Tricks
Practice filling out the matrix now as part of your survey readiness preparations. The ma... Read more
Surveys and Compliance:
Unveiling The Initial Pool
Get a handle on the new initial pool process, and exactly how surveyors may choose residen... Read more
Continuing Education:
Surgical Wound Care Quizzer
Are you familiar with the distinctions necessary to code surgical wounds appropriately? Su... Read more
Surveys and Compliance:
The New Long-Term Care Survey, Continued
What else will the new survey require? Make sure your facility is prepared for close scrut... Read more
What Do You Think?
Are You Moving Residents Safely? Test your knowledge about moving patients to make sure y... Read more
Know Your Physical Limits
Providing long-term care can be hard on a person's body; make sure you're staying safe. Y... Read more
Clip And Save:
Follow These Steps to Lift Safely
Use these tips from Renee Kinder, Ms, CCC-sLP, RAC-CT, director of clinical education at E... Read more
Facility Best Practices:
3 Ways To Help Your Facility's Whole Team Thrive
Making time for training pays off in unexpected ways. With the enormity of new regulation... Read more
Avoid Cybercriminals With These Tips
Hint: Proceed with caution if you aren't familiar with the contact. Malware attacks plagu... Read more
Quiz Answers
Check your answers for Surgical Wound Care Quizzer on page 4. 1) False Rationale: Surgic... Read more