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PDPM Spotlight:
Beware: Reimbursement May be Driving Workforce Decisions
There may be cause to anticipate a course “correction” as PDPM effects become apparent... Read more
CMS Updates:
Keep Up to Date with CMS Changes
Say goodbye to Section G, note a last call on HICNs, and keep abreast of changing state co... Read more
PDPM Deep Dive:
Look to HIPPS to Understand Why Diagnosis Code Rankings Matter
HIPPS codes were restructured with the advent of PDPM. You know that acquiring ICD-10 flu... Read more
ICD-10 Focus:
Become Familiar with These Different Parkinson’s Disease Conditions
Hint: Secondary Parkinsonism is different than Parkinson's disease. Coding Parkinson's di... Read more
Staffing and Training:
Stay Alert to Minimize HIPAA Breaches
Untrained staff are a major source of privacy breaches. As covered entities (CEs), nursin... Read more
Clip and Save:
Keep This Asthma Code Primer for Reference
Learn how to differentiate between different states of asthma. Asthma codes, found in the... Read more
Reader Question:
Capture These New AFib ICD-10 Codes
Question: Did ICD-10 2020 add any new codes for atrial fibrillation? If so, what are ... Read more
Reader Question:
Know When Flu Vaccine Counts for QMs
Question: How does the influenza vaccination show up on quality measures (QMs)? Illinois ... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand this Definition Distinction
Question: When should I code for an acute form of a condition as opposed to a chronic form... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand How RAI Manual Defines Discharge
Question: I don't understand exactly what to count as a discharge. If a resident goes to t... Read more