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Reader Question:

J1070 and J1080: Dosage Amount Dividing The Codes

Question: What is the correct way to bill J1080?

Florida Subscriber

Answer: Code J1080 (Injection, testosterone cypionate, 1 cc, 200 mg) represents a 200 mg dose. Check the chart before filing the claim to verify the amount administered. If the physician only gives 100 mg, you should submit J1070 (Injection, testosterone cypionate, up to 100 mg) instead.

Another detail: Also confirm the type of medication given. Codes J1070 and J1080 represent testosterone cypionate. If your physician administers testosterone enanthate, you'll submit different codes. Those injections are described by J3120 (Injection, testosterone enanthate, up to 100 mg) for a dosage of up to 100 mg and J3130 (Injection, testosterone enanthate, up to 200 mg) for injections above 100 mg up to 200 mg.


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