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Coding Quiz:
Don't Sneeze at This Seasonal Allergy Coding Quiz

Find relief from testing and treatment coding problems by taking this test.

Now that allergy season is in full swing, there’s a pretty good chance you’re seeing a lot of sneezing and sniffling in your waiting room. So, take this quiz to stay on top of coding for allergy testing, seasonal allergy types, and allergy treatment.

Question 1: Can You Pass This Allergy Test?

True or False? To determine the definitive cause of a patient’s allergy, seasonal or otherwise, your provider orders CPT® test 95004 (Percutaneous tests [scratch, puncture, prick] with allergenic extracts, immediate type reaction. …) and 95027 (Intracutaneous [intradermal] tests, sequential and incremental, with allergenic extracts for airborne allergens, immediate type reaction. …). Can you bill these services together?

Question 2: Link the Code to the Cause

True or False? Your patient’s tests come back, and your provider provides a diagnosis of hay fever. Can you code J30.89 (Other allergic rhinitis [perennial allergic rhinitis]) for this?

Question 3: Answer This — It Won’t Hurt a Bit

True or False? Your physician prepares and provides antigens for immunotherapy, then a nurse administers a single injection of the antigen to your patient. Can you bundle 95115 (Professional services for allergen immunotherapy not including provision of allergenic extracts; single injection) with 95144 (Professional services for the supervision of preparation and provision of antigens for allergen immunotherapy, single dose vial[s] …) for this service?