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Internal Medicine Coding Alert

Procedure Coding:
Make These Codes Count for School, Sports, Work Physicals
Maintain your coding fitness with preventive E/M codes. If your practice is like most int... Read more
Use These Reciprocity Rules When Your Physician Is Away
Know the dos and don'ts of reciprocal billing. Every practice has its procedures for prov... Read more
ICD-10 Coding:
Take These Steps, Get Relief from Pressure Ulcer Coding
Sequencing, site, laterality, severity key to L89 specificity. As a coder, you've probabl... Read more
Reader Question:
Decide Dependence, Use, or Abuse Before Reaching for Remission Codes
Question: Our provider documented in the record that she met with a patient who had a hist... Read more
Reader Question:
Update Your Understanding of Mammogram Code Reimbursements
Question: Our provider ordered a diagnostic, bilateral mammogram with tomosynthesis for a ... Read more
Reader Question:
Code for Cause in This Hand Pain Encounter
Question: Our provider documented that a patient was suffering from pain, swelling, tender... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Know Payer Preference in This Bundling Scenario
Question: An established patient came to our provider with a deep 10 cm cut on his right a... Read more
ICD-10 Coding:
Take These Simple Suggestions, Master Diabetes Documentation
 Narrow down 250 code choices with these 5 hints. Even experienced coders can become... Read more
Bust These Myths, Extend Your Prolonged E/M Coding Knowledge
Take this expert advice to buy extra time the right way. We all want to be given credit w... Read more
Case Study Corner:
Know Categories for Correct Connective Tissue Code Choice
These 3 scenarios will also help sharpen your ICD-10 index skills. It happens to us all. ... Read more
Reader Question:
Understand Guideline Conflicts in This Absent Patient Scenario
Question: We have a mom that came in for a consult about her 5-year-old son, but he was no... Read more
Reader Question:
Code Notes Differently in These Different COPD Encounters
Question: A couple of months ago, our provider saw a patient and provided a diagnosis of a... Read more
Reader Question:
Know Age Guidelines, Restrict Use of This Code
Question: A 57-year-old patient came in for a flu shot, but when we billed 90662 we got de... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Keep Exact Time with These E/M Pointers
Question: As a new coder, I am still a little confused by the times listed in the descript... Read more
E/M Coding:
Review These Questions, Receive ROS Answers
Use this FAQ to enhance your E/M understanding. Reporting your provider's review of a pat... Read more
Procedure Coding:
Take These Four Hints to Master Skin Procedure Coding
You don't have to dig too deep to understand biopsies, removals and excisions. On the sur... Read more
Clip & Save:
Locate, Use Common GI Codes Easily With This Tool
And refine your coding accuracy with some expert advice. Patients reporting with gastroin... Read more
Reader Question:
Reduce Stress, Use This Supervision Code in This Cardio Test Scenario
Question: Our physician has been sending patients to a local hospital for stress echo test... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Report this Code for Therapeutic Stimulant Use? Think Again
Question: I have two questions about documenting periodic therapeutic drug screens, which ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Get Ready for Telehealth Additions, Code and Revenue Changes
Ring in the New Year with the final 2018 PFS. Telehealth, preventive health, and drug del... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This Quiz to Refresh Your HIV/AIDS Coding Skills
Stages, sequencing are key. There's reason to be optimistic about the current state of hu... Read more
ICD-10-CM Coding:
Specify Status, Site, for UTI Coding Success
These three hints will help you simplify urinary tract infection coding. Browse through t... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Here Are the Answers to Our HIV Coding Quiz
Compare yours to those of our experts. Answer 1:The answer to this question depends on th... Read more
Reader Question:
Educate Yourself About Education Codes
Question: To meet the needs of a number of our patients with diabetes, our provider decide... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Decide Method, Simple or Complex, to Solve This I&D Dilemma
Question: One of our diabetic patients recently competed in a marathon. Several days later... Read more