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Discover How to Navigate Your ICD-10-CM Manual -- And Don't Miss These Subtle Differences

Your Injury/Poisoning codes and E codes completely transform. Good news! You'll find that your ICD-10-CM coding manual is similar to your ICD-9-CM one, which means you likely already know how to use it. However, don't miss these subtle differences in your Alphabetic Index and Tabular List. Check Out the Alphabetic Index In the Alphabetic Index, you'll have chapters divided up by letter with a list of terms and their corresponding code. This is where you'll find the Index of Diseases and Injury, Index of Eternal Causes of Injury, the Table of Neoplasms, and the Table of Drugs and Chemicals. Here is an example of how hemiatrophy appears in the Alphabetic Index. Hemiatrophy R68.89 - cerebellar G31.9
- face, facial, progressive (Romberg) G51.8
- tongue K14.8 ICD-10 Differences: Here are a few changes to your Alphabetic index in ICD-10-CM: You won't find morphology codes listed alongside descriptors [...]

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