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Gastric Ulcers Morph to K25 in ICD-10

Observe minor changes to list of inclusions and exclusions. When you report gastric ulcer diagnoses after Oct.1, 2014, you will no longer have to focus on obstructions -- ICD-10 codes will only need you to concentrate on chronicity, along with presence or absence of hemorrhage and perforations. Don’t Forget 5th Digit Expansion While Using ICD-9 For gastric ulcer reporting in ICD-9, you will have to first start out with the base code 531 (Gastric ulcer). Then, depending on chronicity, presence or absence of perforation and hemorrhage, you use a 4th digit expansion to report gastric ulcer using the following 9 codes: 531.0 (Acute gastric ulcer with hemorrhage) 531.1 (Acute gastric ulcer with perforation) 531.2 (Acute gastric ulcer with hemorrhage and perforation) 531.3 (Acute gastric ulcer without mention of hemorrhage or perforation) 531.4 (Chronic or unspecified gastric ulcer with hemorrhage) 531.5 (Chronic or unspecified gastric ulcer with perforation) 531.6 (Chronic or unspecified [...]