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ICD-10 Coding Alert

Take Your Cardiology ICD-10-CM Compliance to the Next Level With 3 Tips
Do you know where to find the Excludes1 note for congenital aorta malformations? At th... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Zero In On Abdominal Pain Coding With Options from R10 Category
Choose carefully between R10.84 and R10.817 for generalized pain vs. tenderness. There... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Evaluate Your ICD-10 Know-How With This Quick Quiz
These ENT-specific scenarios will help you gauge your knowledge. You’ve been rep... Read more
Go Beyond 'Morbid Obesity' for Bariatric Surgery Patients
A single diagnosis isn’t sufficient justification under ICD-10. “Morbid ob... Read more
Neurology & Pain Management:
Base Your Skull Fracture Coding on These Dx Tips
Remember, laterality matters with ICD-10. Fractures in the skull base are complex to t... Read more
Oncology & Hematology:
Look Beyond Cancer Diagnosis Codes To Capture All Complaints
Fatigue and malaise may not be clearly differentiated but they have separate codes. Wa... Read more
Reader Question:
Do You Know These ICD-10 Hemorrhage Subtleties? Find Out
Question: There are different families of O codes for hemorrhage (we are comfortabl... Read more
Reader Question:
Determine Conjunctivitis Details Before Selecting Code
Question: We reported H10.10 for a conjunctivitis case – which is what we&rsq... Read more
ICD-10 2017 Update:
Make Sure You Have Implemented These Key Hemorrhage, Infarction Reforms
You needn’t confirm right and left side hemorrhage in ACA bleed. October has com... Read more
ICD-10 2017 Update:
Look Sideways to Get the Scoop on New ICD-10s
ICD-10 2017 codes full of bilateral options for various conditions. In late summer the... Read more
Not Rheumatic, Rheumatic, or Unspecified? Clip and Save This Valve Disorder Job Aid
Be sure you catch the mitral valve insufficiency twist. Coding for chronic heart valve... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Your Diagnosis Coding Skills With This Quick Quiz
From A codes to Z, we’ve got the ICD-10 answers you need to ensure quick claims pa... Read more
Help Make Sense of Your Eye Care Claims With 'Z' Codes
These diagnoses can support screenings and much more. Remember the ‘V’ cod... Read more
Look to 'Z' Codes When Patients Turns out to Be Healthy
Remember that Z00.129 isn’t your only well-visit option. Pediatric practices are... Read more
Reader Question:
Most Ages Fall Under This Feeding Difficulties Dx
Question: If our physician reported “feeding difficulties,” what code s... Read more
News You Can Use:
Are You Ready For the End of the CMS ICD-10 Grace Period?
  Check out these ED-relevant unspecified codes to prevent future denials. O... Read more
Your ICD-10 Honeymoon Is Over
Brace for more than 4,000 new & revised codes in 2017. Part B Providers: Think you... Read more
Reader Question:
Make Use of ICD-10's Specificity
Question: The doctor’s note says that ‘patient presents with pain in th... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's How to Follow ICD-10 Instruction Under N76
Question: Code N76 (Other inflammation of vagina and vulva) shows a message in red ... Read more
Ramp Up on Control and Creation Root Operation Changes for ICD-10-PCS 2017
Your cardiac codes will be vastly affected by “Creation.” The countdown to... Read more
Grab More 2017 Diagnosis Changes for Gastroenteritis and Colitis
K52.82 now includes codes for 4 new types of proctocolitis. ICD-10-CM coding can be a ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
3 Questions Help You Determine Your 2017 ICD-10 Prep Score
Are you ready to code hypertensive crisis, stent stenosis, and congenital cases? Your ... Read more
Back to Basics:
Provide Deep Dx Detail With 7th Character, X Placeholder Smarts
Here’s why you must include X placeholder if the code calls for it. If you&rsquo... Read more
Simplify Hundreds of Salter-Harris Fracture Diagnosis Code Changes
Pay particular attention to your sixth, seventh characters. If you look at the raw dat... Read more
Breaking News:
Testing for Zika Virus is Now Covered Under Part B -- Here's How to Code It
Don’t miss this ICD-10 symptoms and diagnosis coding refresher. As concerns abou... Read more
News You Can Use:
Get Ready for Medicare's 'Code Family' Clemency to End This Fall
Denials could skyrocket if your specificity isn’t up to scratch. CMS and the CDC... Read more
CMS Doles Out the Final ICD-10-CM Update
Major revisions to postprocedural hemorrhage, mediastinitis, and more. CMS finally rel... Read more
Redefine Neurological Assessments With New Codes And Updates
Each score in NIHSS will have a discrete code. Later this year, you are likely to spot... Read more
New in ICD-10-CM: Look For Not One But Many Changes
Proposed changes add new gastrointestinal stromal tumor and encounter codes. Among the... Read more
Details Make the Difference in Urinary Stent Diagnoses
Here’s your second look at how familiar codes will change in October. The time u... Read more
Familiarize Yourself With These Five Obstetric Areas Changing October 1
You’ll make a new distinction between ectopic and molar pregnancies. In the ICD-... Read more
Start Looking at Your Potential Diagnosis Changes for October
Search beyond ‘anesthesia’ for codes that could affect your claims. The fi... Read more
Latest ICD-10 Updates Offer Several New Pediatric Diagnoses
List of suspected—but ruled out—pediatric conditions has grown. The CDC ha... Read more
Internal Medicine:
Start Preparing For ICD-10 Code Changes in October 2016
Wait for final code set to release in June. If you are aware, the Centers for Disease ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Will Your ICD-10 Claims Be Accepted After Grace Period Ends?
Don’t forget: MACs are still going easy on denials. If your ICD-10 denials are l... Read more
Size Up These 7 Gastroenterology Changes Planned for ICD-10-CM 2017
Get ready for more specific pancreatitis codes. The CDC has posted a preliminary list ... Read more
Look for New Hematoma, Redundant Skin Dx Codes
Proposed list would introduce nearly 2,000 new codes, effective Oct. 1. Six months aft... Read more
General Surgery:
Get Ready for Dx Updates This October
Cardiovascular system changes and more will impact your practice. After a five-year co... Read more
Oncology & Hematology:
Pick Up Cues From Changes Proposed For Upcoming Annual Update In ICD-10-CM
Prepare to implement revisions in your Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis coding. The CDC has ... Read more
Breaking News:
Say Hello to 1,900 New ICD-10-CM Codes Effective Oct. 1
CDC ends diagnosis deep freeze with scores of new codes debuting. Coders patting thems... Read more
Brace Yourself to Handle 3,651 New ICD-10-PCS Codes This October
Majority of code overhaul comes from the cardiovascular system. The ICD-10 codes are f... Read more
Size Up These 7 Cardiology Changes Planned for ICD-10-CM 2017
Wishing for a coronary stent stenosis code? You won’t have long to wait. The CDC... Read more
6 Categories Simplify Your Numerous ICD-10 Gynecology Changes
Get ready to specify ovarian cyst laterality in October. Remember how you had thought ... Read more
Define Your Approach Using PCS Code's 5th Character
Choose the keywords carefully. In ICD-10 PCS coding, you must organize each of the sev... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Let 'Z' Codes be Your Friends When Ordering Neonatal Tests
If you have definitive test results before submitting your claim, do this. Pediatricia... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Can You Assign the Correct 7th Character in These Scenarios? Find Out.
Take note of expanded options for fractures. While “D” for subsequent enco... Read more
Reflect Flat Foot With One of Three Specific Diagnoses
Don’t miss these Excludes1 and Excludes2 notes. When a patient suffers from flat... Read more
Get Specific With the Reason for Urine Retention
Plus: Pay attention to your extra diagnosis choice. When selecting an ICD-10 diagnosti... Read more
Reporting Enlarged Lymph Nodes Is Clear And Easy In ICD-10
Key: Localized vs generalized enlargement guides you to right codes. If you come acros... Read more
Are You Using All Your Options for Sialoadenitis Coding?
Don’t forget you have 4 diagnoses now. When the otolaryngologist diagnoses sialo... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Severity When Coding Dysplasia of the Prostate
Question: Our physician documented dysplasia of prostate for an elderly patient. Ho... Read more
News You Can Use:
Explore Your "Exposure for the Zika Virus" Diagnosis Coding Options
Here’s what diagnoses to use for confirmed case ultrasounds. According to the Wo... Read more
Expert Advice:
Succeed at Heart Failure Coding With 'Code First' and Payer Policy Answers
Watch for Index hints to help with etiology/manifestation codes. How did you fare when... Read more
Coding Quiz:
2 Steps Help Pinpoint Specific Codes For Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Confirm site and side of the bleed and pick up the most precise code from I60.XX series.... Read more
Nail Down Root Operations in ICD-10-PCS
Key: Boil down what the physician performed to match root operation definitions. Now t... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Assess Your Understanding Of Diagnosis Codes For Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
If your physician doesn’t specify location, do this. Answer 1: The correct optio... Read more
Random-Order Diagnoses Could Cost You
Implement this ICD-10 action plan to decide which diagnosis should go first. In situat... Read more
Neurology and Pain Management:
Implement This Easy Code Transition for Bell's Palsy
The ICD-10 descriptor mirrors the old ICD-9 choice. When your neurologist diagnoses Be... Read more
Reader Question:
Lack of Documentation? Check Out 'Unspecified' Codes
Question: If I find that a common ICD-9 code that I use doesn’t have a direct... Read more
10 Steps Ensure ICD-10-CM Coding Compliance
You’ve made the transition to the new diagnosis coding system—now make sure ... Read more
Coding Manual:
Must Know: Revisit Your Understanding of Chiropractic Subluxation Now
Do not go by the index when coding for 739 series. When it comes to coding in ICD-10-C... Read more
Seventh Character:
Explore Specific ICD-10 Codes When Reporting Thoracic Sprains and Strains
Check LCDs for what group of codes may allow you more numbers of patient visits. ICD-... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Top 3 Tips That Help You Tackle Any Challenges In Pulmonary Embolism Coding
Check for sepsis and cor pulmonale, distinguish acute vs chronic. Confused about pulmo... Read more
Specify Laterality to Arrive Quickly to the Correct Open Foot Wound Codes
Wounds of muscles and tendons have their own series. The next time you code an open fo... Read more
Do You Know How to Report Olecranon Bursitis? Find Out
Don’t miss these ‘Excludes’ notes. Olecranon bursitis is the inflamm... Read more
Follow These 'Code Also' Guidelines When Reporting Burns
Remember: These ‘x’ characters are merely placeholders. When reporting bur... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Know How ICD-10 Transforms the Way You Code These Services
Keep these tips in mind as you report your services. Although most practices report a ... Read more
Secondary Diagnoses:
Discover Wider Options For Sprain and Strain Coding
Dig in the long descriptors to choose from more than a dozen codes for neck pain. You ... Read more
News You Can Use:
ICD-10 Glitch Sinks Some Foot Care Claims
Here’s the good and bad news. Although most ICD-10 claims are flowing smoothly, ... Read more
Tuck Cardiovascular Symptoms, Chest Sounds, and More Into R09.89
Arterial bruit and rales now fall under the same code. Given the increased specificity... Read more
H47 Family Holds the ICD-10 Answers for Optic Chiasm, Visual Cortex Disorders
Check detailed codes for side specificity. If you’re in a neuro-ophthalmology pr... Read more
Prevent Pelvic and Female Genital Organ Pain Diagnosis Mishaps With This Advice
Forget 625.9; you should be using one of two codes instead. Patients often present to... Read more