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ICD-10 Coding Alert

Breaking News:
So Now You're Using ICD-10 -- Time to Look Forward to 2016 ICD-10 Ob-Gyn Changes
Avoid Z3A codes when patient has postpartum complication. You’ve studied and now... Read more
Watch Your Step When Assigning Diagnosis Codes for Falls
Read the rules about including Z codes describing a risk or history of falling. ICD-10... Read more
News You Can Use:
This Payer Identifies Issue with ICD-10 Code Z86.010
Here’s why you don’t need to take any action. Just one month after the ICD... Read more
Follow These Five Steps To Make Your Way To Correct Neoplasm Coding
The pathology report will guide you to the right code in the neoplasm table.. Coding n... Read more
Learn More with These Neoplasm Coding Examples
Here are some examples that will help you gain a better understanding of neoplasm coding... Read more
Keep Your Epistaxis Coding Simple With a Single ICD-10 Choice
Remember you still have multiple procedure codes associated with diagnosis. Epistaxis ... Read more
Here's How to Capture Carpal Tunnel Coding With Your New Diagnosis System
Don’t miss this Excludes1 note under the G56 category. When your orthopedist t... Read more
Choose Between 2 Codes for Hysterectomy Diagnosis
Relax: The descriptors are already familiar. With approximately 20 CPT® codes addr... Read more
Reader Question:
Establish Medical Necessity for Screening Breast MRI
Question: How can we report a screening MRI? Our physician wants to schedule a brea... Read more
Reader Question:
Look for Related Conditions in Influenza Diagnosis
Question: How can we report the diagnosis of swine flu influenza in ICD-10-CM? Oh... Read more
Breaking News:
90 Percent of ICD-10 Claims Have Been Accepted So Far
Medicaid claims can take up to 30 days to be processed. ICD-10 has only been in effect... Read more
News You Can Use:
Practices Report Mostly Smooth Sailing Through ICD-10 Transition
Some potential issues, however, may remain to be seen. If you asked medical practices ... Read more
Begin a New Phase of ICD-10 Training After Implementation Date
Coders, clinicians must come together to solidify office’s ICD-10 coding. With a... Read more
Implementation Spotlight:
Ease into ICD-10 Implementation with These Expert Tips
Communication between coders and providers is vital for success. With all the drama su... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Ensure Flu Vaccine Coding Success with These Three Expert Tips
 From immunizations to diagnoses, get the lowdown on flu patients. It’s tha... Read more
Add Atherosclerosis With Rest Pain to the List of Dx Requiring You to Pick a Side
Include these artery/extremity/issue bullets. After all the waiting, worrying, and tra... Read more
Stick to 28-Day Threshold for 'Newborns' Under ICD-10
Look for feeding problem codes in the P92 range. Although the 779.xx series may have b... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Use ICD-9 and ICD-10 on 1 Submitted Claim
  Question: Our physician admitted a patient in September and didn’t d... Read more
Reader Question:
Highlight This Stent Removal Diagnosis
Question: What ICD-10 code should I report for the urologist’s work removing ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Did You Follow These ICD-10 Essential Tips Implementation Tips? Find Out
Embrace more combination codes and seventh digits. By now, you should have transitione... Read more
Home Health:
Watch for New Seventh Character Guidelines
Last minute update could mean denials. While much of the logic in the ICD-10 code set ... Read more
Using Our Free Billing Software Doesn't Excuse You From ICD-10
Check the CMS website to ensure you qualify for a waiver. If your claim submission sof... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
3 Pediatric ICD-10 Tips That You Probably Haven't Heard Before
With ICD-10 implementation just days away, nail down these strategies for clean claims. ... Read more
Report a More Detailed Diagnosis for Acute Swimmer's Ear
Your providers will need to document laterality beginning in October. With warm weathe... Read more
Shift Focus to F48.2 For Reporting Pseudobulbar Affect in ICD-10
Hint: Don’t forget to report associated neurological or traumatic brain injury fir... Read more
Distinguish 3 Forms of Trisomy 21
Focus on cytogenetic test results. Just one code (758.0, Down’s syndrome) w... Read more
Reader Question:
Use "Other" ICD-10 Codes With Caution
Question: If I find that a common ICD-9 code that I use doesn’t have a direct... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Structure Affected In Neck Sprain
Question: Which are the best ICD-10 codes do you report for sprain in cervical regi... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS Reps: All Systems Go for Next Month's ICD-10 Launch
You can continue to participate in acknowledgement testing until Oct. 1. You’ve ... Read more
Worker's Comp:
WEDI: 29 States Not Prepared to Convert Workers' Comp Claims to ICD-10
WC insurers aren’t required to switch to ICD-10, but 21 states are doing so. If ... Read more
These Q&As; Give You A Last Minute ICD-10-CM Crash Course
If you don’t know the diabetes type, you should default to this. If you missed ... Read more
3 True/False Questions Prove You Shouldn't Overlook ICD-10-PCS
You need to know the difference between Excision and Resection. Although you may be fo... Read more
2 Scenarios Untangle Your Pathologic/Traumatic Fracture Code Diagnoses
Discover this new tool to help you ‘build’ a traumatic fracture code. If y... Read more
Here Are Your Seventh Character Possibilities for Fracture Codes
Your physicians need to document according to the Gustillo classification. You should ... Read more
3 Characters in ICD-10 Take the Place of Syncope Code 780.2
Check out the Excludes1 note to keep your coding on track. Learning ICD-10’s rep... Read more
Reader Question:
Don't Miss Instructional ICD-10 Notes
Question: My doctor saw a male Medicare patient with a 3-day history of cough, whee... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's What to Do For Rule Out Dx
Question: My ED physician saw a patient for anterior wall chest pain. After he chec... Read more
News You Can Use:
CMS: For First Year, We Won't Deny Claims With Wrong ICD-10 Codes
As long as you use an ICD-10 code from the right “family,” the MAC will pay ... Read more
5 FAQs Quell Confusion on CMS's Latest ICD-10 Announcement
The one- year grace period for ICD-10 claims applies to Medicare only. If CMS’s ... Read more
Coding Challenge:
Will You Be Able to Code These 3 Pediatric Case Studies in October?
Hint: Signs and symptoms codes may change, but the rules won’t. It’s a com... Read more
Boost Your Coding For Benign Neoplasms of Central Nervous System
Beware: Not all ICD-9 codes have a one-to-one match. Reporting benign neoplasms of the... Read more
Prepare For Numerous More Preterm Labor O60 Options
Tip: Indicate the fetus with your seventh character. Preterm labor is the presence of ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check Out This New ICD-10 Guideline
Question: We are working on our crosswalk. A scenario that has us stumped:  Pa... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans with 239.2
Question: Our physician made a diagnosis of Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans after a... Read more
Reader Questions:
Don't Rely on ICD-10 GEMS for V64.41 and 648.83
Question: I’m looking for the ICD-10 equivalents for V64.41 and 648.73, which... Read more
Uncertainty is Okay Under ICD-10
When you look forward to Oct. 1, you’ll be looking back at your existing signs/sym... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Answer These Top 3 Questions To Assess Your Understanding Of Aortic Dissection
Use the fifth digit to designate site. You can take it easy. ICD-10 offers simple and ... Read more
Home Health:
Get Your Dates Straight for ICD-10 and OASIS-C1/ICD-10
Know which forms and code set to use when for episodes spanning the transition date. O... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Verify Your Answers To The ICD-10 Coding Quiz
Check this one-to-one match for aortic dissection. Answer 1: The correct answer is opt... Read more
Oral Surgery:
Switch to G50.0 For Trigeminal Neuralgia Reporting in ICD-10
Hint: Use different ICD-10 code for herpetic trigeminal neuralgia. When your clinician... Read more
Train for Tripled Edema Options Under the New Code Set
Check the index to keep fluid retention coding on track. The next time you code edema,... Read more
Reader Questions:
Provide Documentation Supporting Medical Necessity of Callus Removal
Question: Our FP recently excised a callous on a patient’s foot with a scalpe... Read more
Reader Questions:
Turn to R03.0 for White Coat Hypertension
Question: Is “white coat hypertension” a covered diagnosis? If so, what... Read more
Reader Questions:
Report Infectious Pouchitis With Supporting Dx Codes
Question: What diagnosis code should I use for pouchitis? Does the ICD-9 code chang... Read more
Find Your Way Around the ICD-10 Manual With These Quick Tips
The book may be a little thicker than your ICD-9 book, but don’t let that discoura... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Test Your Understanding for Genitourinary Neoplasm Coding With These Top 10 Questions
Ascertain location of malignant neoplasm and laterality of the tumor. When reporting m... Read more
Pay Attention to Family Practice Documentation Changes
Look for a whole new code set for ‘underdosing’ in ICD-10. The proverbial ... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Assess Your Understanding for Malignant Genitourinary Neoplasm Coding
Do not miss payment if your physician does not specify side of the tumor. In follow up... Read more
Get Ready to Discover Other Symptoms Before Coding IBS in ICD-10
IBS code shares the ICD-10 code address with spastic colon. Presence of diarrhea sympt... Read more
Prepare for Direct Switch for Laryngeal Spasm Coding Later This Year
You’ll have a single code, but don’t misreport with a less specific option. ... Read more
Reader Questions:
ICD-10-CM Has More Than One Options for Dry Mouth
Question: In a patient, who has been on chemotherapy, our physician has documented ... Read more
Take 6 Steps to Prepare for October ICD-10 Transition
Tip: Try ‘dual coding’ to exercise your ICD-10 abilities. With no further ... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Take This Quiz To Test Your Understanding Of Neck Pain Diagnosis
Watch out: Not all conditions have a one-to-one match. Try answering these top questio... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Verify Behavioral Problems When Reporting Vascular Dementia
You needn’t describe the associated behavioral problems as you did in ICD-9. ICD... Read more
Coding Quiz Answers:
Assess Your Understanding Of Neck Pain Diagnosis In ICD-10
ICD-10 offers more definitive codes for cervical spondylosis, stenosis, subluxation, and... Read more
Look Beyond R00.0's Descriptor for Proper Tachycardia Coding
Count on the index to keep your coding for sinus tachycardia on the right path. Under ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Check Contrast and Sequence in MRA
Question: Our physician did an MRA of the brain in a patient with third nerve palsy. Dur... Read more
Breaking News:
No ICD-10 Delay - Get Ready for the Official October 1, 2015 Implementation Date
You have no more excuses to put off ICD-10 training.  If you were hoping for an ICD-... Read more
Keep ICD-10 Transition On Track As Deadline Nears
Start training now for maximum return. Don’t count on yet another ICD-10 delay a... Read more
Pick Up the Threads and Cast a Net on Your ICD-10 Worries
Boost your preparations with these 5 strategic tips. All set for ICD-10 on October 1? ... Read more
Manage Your Anesthesia Coding for Broken Bones With 2 Precise Steps
Take a look at the musculoskeletal system to handle documentation complexities. Fractu... Read more
Family Practice:
Use One-to-One Transition Code For Chronic Laryngitis in ICD-10
Hint: Don’t forget to report exposure to tobacco or infectious agents separately. ... Read more
General Surgery:
Expand Options for Newborn Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Fourth digit adds detail. No matter the details, you have just one code to describe ne... Read more
Reader Questions:
Target 3 ICD-10 Options for Borderline Ovarian Tumors
Question: The pathology report for our patient being investigated for ovarian cance... Read more
Reader Questions:
Submit Multiple Diagnosis Codes For Lumbar and Sacral Spine Subluxation
Question: A patient presents with a subluxation of the lumbar and sacral spine with dege... Read more
Reader Questions:
Cause of Vulvar Dysplasia Doesn't Influence Diagnosis Coding
Question: Our oncologist diagnosed a stage 0 vulvar neoplasm. The histopathology report ... Read more
News You Can Use:
Round Up All the Latest ICD-10 News With This Critical Update
ICD-10 still on track for October, despite Congressional hearing. If you’re read... Read more
Still Feeling ICD-10 Defiant? CMS Responds
If you’re feeling hesitant to adapt to ICD-10, it’s time to start planning. ... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Straightforward Crosswalk Helps Pinpoint Actinic Keratosis Diagnoses
Under ICD-10, L57.0 will be your go-to code. When your clinician diagnoses actinic ker... Read more
Test Yourself:
Can You Code This Pediatric Case Study?
Hint: No need to code symptoms that are inherent in the final diagnoses. With just six... Read more
Neurology & Pain Management:
Pick Apart the Long Descriptor to Successfully Report Whiplash
Remember to include the seventh character for even more specificity. Whiplash can be a... Read more
Discover How Your Normal Delivery Diagnosis Will Transform After Oct. 1
Find out what the only appropriate outcome code to use with O80 is. If all goes accord... Read more
Q10.- Has Your Congenital Eyelid Malformations Dx Answers
Get ready: Implementation date is still set for this October. Unlike many of the ICD-1... Read more
General Surgery:
Add Perforation and More to Your Diverticulosis Choices
Don’t forget bleeding indication. If your surgeon performed procedures today tha... Read more
Reader Questions:
Opt for L72.3 to Report Sebaceous Cyst
Question: What code can we submit for the diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst that is in ... Read more
Reader Questions:
Refer to State Reqs for Spontaneous Abortion Versus Early Delivery
Question: Patient is 22.6 weeks, seen by the maternal fetal medicine (MFM) speciali... Read more
Reader Questions:
Expand Keratoderma Choices in ICD-10
Question: Our surgeon excised a skin lesion which the pathology report diagnosed as... Read more
Check If You Are All Set To Implement ICD-10
Gear up for the fast approaching change with these 4 steps. The New Year will bring th... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Take on the Most Used "Pain in the Neck" Codes in ICD-10
Master cervical subluxation, sprain, strain and more. October 2015 will change the way... Read more
Get the Truth About these ICD-10 Myths
Don’t delay your ICD-10 preparations. The official transition date to the ICD-10... Read more
Coding Corner:
2 Clinical Rehab Examples to Get Your Feet Wet in ICD-10
Careful: Crosswalks can be your best friend — or worst nightmare. ICD-10 codes a... Read more
Right, Left, Bilateral Options Expand Carotid Artery Stenosis Choices
433.10 leads to more choices. When your cardiologist performs angiography, catheteriza... Read more
Enlargement of Lymph Nodes Will Have an Easy Code Switch for ICD-10
Remember to look for – and code – additional conditions. If you come acros... Read more
Reader Question:
Avoid Reporting Mental Problem Diagnoses
Question: What is the difference between 799.81 and 302.71? New York Subscriber ... Read more
Reader Question:
Turn To 64405 for GON Block
Question: Our physician did a left greater occipital nerve (GON) block. How can we ... Read more
Reader Question:
Always Target the Most Definitive Diagnosis Code
Question: Though there are many crosswalks between ICD-9 to ICD-10, there are yet m... Read more
News You Can Use:
Circle the ICD-10 Release Date on Your Calendar
Take advantage of the resources CMS has made available online to assist you. Move full... Read more
Coding Challenge:
Can You Code This ICD-10 Documentation?
Evaluate the note and then select the right codes. With less than a year before ICD-10... Read more
Get a Big-Picture Rundown of ICD-10 Prep
Important: Not all payers will be ready at the same time. What was once an Oct. 1, 201... Read more
Watch For One-to-One Crossover For Actinic Keratosis With L57.0
Hint: Use same diagnosis code for solar or senile keratosis. When your clinician diagn... Read more
Diagnosis Spotlight:
Brace For Simple One-to-One Transition For Cellulitis With K12.2
Hint: Look for other ICD-10 codes for abscess of the tongue. When your surgeon diagnos... Read more
Ease Your Malignant Esophageal Tumor Coding With These Revisions
Drop the jargon of cervical, thoracic, and abdominal parts of the esophagus. Mark an e... Read more
Watch For Hematuria Mention to Select the Right Cystitis ICD-10 Code
Encourage detailed documentation for the most specific diagnosis code assignment. Cyst... Read more
General Surgery:
Zenker's Diverticulum Gets Direct Crosswalk
But congenital esophageal diverticulum is different. You have a new CPT® code for ... Read more
Reader Question:
Confirm Hematuria When You Report Interstitial Cystitis
Question: Our physician reported interstitial cystitis in a patient who had hematur... Read more