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ICD-10 Coding Alert

New Condition Spotlight:
Use This Guidance for Coding Vaping
Hint: Code known diagnosis first. With severe vaping-related health conditions occurring ... Read more
Clip and Save:
Institute Error-Checking Procedure
Don't let reimbursement opportunities slip through the coding cracks. Even if you know al... Read more
Neurosurgery Focus:
Distinguish Between These Two Similar-Sounding Conditions
Hint: Secondary Parkinsonism is different than Parkinson's disease. Coding Parkinson's di... Read more
Reader Question:
Spot Difference Between Bunion Conditions
Question: A patient returns to my podiatry practice's office, complaining of continuing bu... Read more
Reader Question:
Select Amongst These Z Codes for Immunization Encounter
Question: If a patient comes in to have our pediatrician review, and then sign off on, an ... Read more
Reader Question:
Choose This Code for Use Without Abuse
Question: What diagnosis code should I assign to an 80305 urine test after a patient tests... Read more
Reader Question:
Check Documentation for Heparin Use
Question: In a patient who was reported to have venous thrombosis, our physician has docum... Read more
Reader Question:
Get the Skinny on These External Cause Codes
Question: I'm new to coding, and I was looking through the external cause codes in the ICD... Read more
You Be the Coder:
Choose a Dx Code that Reflects Results
Question: We recently ran a rapid strep test on a young patient who came in complaining of... Read more