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Hospice Insider

Lawsuit Over Cap Calculations Appears Headed To Federal Court
As expected, PRRB sides with CMS over including sequestered funds in cap methodology. Hos... Read more
Per Beneficiary Cap:
Medicare Presents A Convincing Argument On Cap Math
Without sequestered funds in calculation, over-cap hospices aren't penalized by reduction,... Read more
Beware These Immediate Jeopardy Survey Changes That Could Impact You
Should you worry more about IJ determinations under new regs? Hospices aren't singled out... Read more
Survey & Certification:
Stay On Top Of These 6 Immediate Jeopardy Manual Changes
Make sure you steer clear of the most serious survey risk. Whether your next survey is a ... Read more
MBI Change Gives Rise To Sequential Billing Errors
Plus: Use zeroes to become an MBI hero. Now that all existing Medicare beneficiaries have... Read more
Hospice News:
Who Benefits From Bundling Demonstrations? It Varies By Demo Type, OIG Says
Providers should hope for more voluntary bundling tests. How likely is mandatory bundling... Read more
Hospice News:
GIP Under Yet Another Microscope
Hospices can thank the HHS Office of Inspector General for new scrutiny on high-paying cla... Read more
Hospice News:
Hospices Hope For RHC Rate Resolution
Will Medicare's latest claims system update finally clear up problems related to Routine H... Read more
Hospice News:
Compare Data Updated In February
Take a look at your most updated Hospice Compare data, which is now up on the website, the... Read more
Hospice News:
HQRP Info Is At Your Fingertips
If the holiday rush kept you from tuning in to Medicare's training webinar on hospice qual... Read more
Hospice News:
National Chain Builds Its Hospice Business
Amedisys Inc. has agreed to purchase RoseRock Healthcare, a hospice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, th... Read more
Hospice News:
Hospices Open Inpatient Units In Busy Markets
The number of hospice inpatient facilities is increasing. In Texas: Hospice of Wichita Fa... Read more
Watch For Your Stats On ‘Visits When Death Imminent’ Measure
Plus: Tune in for a HEART update. Medicare appears to be on track for a May public debut ... Read more
Medical Review:
Proving Terminal Prognosis Continues To Trip Up Hospices In TPE
Another quarter brings another round of dismal results. HHH Medicare Administrative Contr... Read more
Managed Care:
Certain MA Plans May Offer Hospice Starting In 2020
But at least the carve-in is only a limited experiment — for now. Hospices have long be... Read more
CMS And MACs Tackle NOTR Problems
Medicare fixes 1 NOTR problem, but more may be lurking. Hospices are getting a helping ha... Read more
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Hospice Market Activity Brisk Nationwide
Another statewide nonprofit alliance is formed. Cold months have contrasted with a hot ho... Read more
Industry Note:
MedPAC Wants Your Pay To Drop 2 Percent Next Year
The unfavorable recommendation is now official. As expected, the Medicare Payment Advisor... Read more
Industry Note:
Another Newspaper Puts Hospice In The Hot Seat
The latest high-profile newspaper article lambasting the hospice industry comes in the for... Read more
Industry Note:
Growing Majority Of Claims Use MBIs Now
The percentage of claims using beneficiaries' new MBI numbers is nearing two-thirds. For ... Read more
Targeted Probe and Educate:
Hospice TPE Failure Rate 100% At This MAC
Use this expert advice to head off, or defend against, TPE probes. The Targeted Probe and... Read more
Medical Review:
One Denial Reason Dominates TPE Results
See the TPE probe details. HHH Medicare Administrative Contractor CGS reviewed two hospic... Read more
MedPAC Readies Recommendation That Congress Cut Hospice Pay 2% In 2020
Hospice payment reform may need to go further, commissioners also suggest. Soaring Medica... Read more
New RAC Hospice-Related Topics Zero In On Hospice Bundling
Hospitals, DME suppliers may come looking to you for their payments. Recovery Audit Contr... Read more
You Can’t Afford To Be Late On Cap Self-Reporting
Caution: It may take extra time to get your PS&R data this year. If you fail to submi... Read more
Emergency Preparedness Burden Could Diminish Under Recent Proposed Rule
A real disaster would preempt your next training exercise. A rule published earlier this ... Read more
Hospice News:
Hospice Chain Acquired By Humana Settles Whistleblower Charges For $5.9 Million
Former clinical director is one of the qui tam relators. Two former hospice employees wil... Read more
Hospice News:
DOL Wage & House Division Offers Opinion On Aide Compensation
If you don't want to risk a punishing lawsuit from your aides about their compensation, yo... Read more
Hospice News:
How Does Your CNA Pay Stack Up?
Visiting Nurse Association hospices pay certified nursing assistants nearly 10 percent mor... Read more
Hospice News:
More TPE Probes On Deck For Hospices
The annual Comprehensive Error Rate Testing report may affect you more than you'd expect. ... Read more
Hospice News:
Know The OC 27 Ropes To Avoid U5181 Returns
If you're running into U5181 claims returns and can't figure out why, you may want to look... Read more
Hospice News:
Give The Feds Feedback On Accrediting Organizations That Offer Consulting
Do you think there's something shady about accrediting organizations and the financial rel... Read more
Hospices Lead The Pack In Claims Payment Errors
 But Medicare's improper pay rate for hospices has fallen significantly. Hospices lo... Read more
Get Clues For Review Target Areas From State Error Rates
Highest-ranking states may surprise you. Medicare's payment error rate for hospices and h... Read more
OIG Takes Another Run At Hospice Program Integrity Recommendations
Watchdog agency reiterates advice to toughen surveys, implement alternative sanctions, and... Read more
Fraud & Abuse:
OIG Adds Wide-Ranging Hospice Topic To Work Plan
Don't be surprised if OIG investigation leads to tougher surveys. With Medicare hospice p... Read more
Emergency Preparedness:
Medicare Considers Lightening Your Emergency Preparedness Load
Recent months' string of natural disasters emphasize why EP changes matter. Hospices used... Read more
New Hospice Compare Composite Measure Now Live
Plus: Take a look at your preview report before it's too late. Hospices' scores for the n... Read more
Industry Note:
High-Profile Novus Case Sees More Guilty Pleas From DON, Marketers
Nursing head admitted to falsifying documentation, among other misdeeds. Nine defendants ... Read more
Industry Note:
Although HIS Has Stayed The Same, Your Should Check Out Updated Guidance
Access new guidance on completing Hospice Item Set questions accurately in the updated HIS... Read more
Industry Note:
New Claims Rejections, Returns May Be Errors — But Don't Jump To Conclusions
Beware a new payment glitch hitting hospice claims. “Hospice claims are incorrectly reje... Read more
Industry Note:
Regional Chain Makes 2 Buys
Bristol Hospice, a portfolio company of Webster Capital, has bought the Colorado operation... Read more
Industry Note:
Medicare Issues Statistical Sampling Marching Orders To Contractors
In hopes of increasing consistency across contractors, Medicare recently sent new statisti... Read more
Reader Question:
Here's How To Give CMS Your Ideas On Reducing Burden
Do you wish you were seeing more benefit from Medicare's Patients Over Paperwork initiativ... Read more