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Home Health Coding and OASIS Expert

Diagnosis Coding:
Master 7th Character Selection Injuries and Complications
Don’t look to aftercare Z codes when caring for an injury. Knowing which seventh... Read more
Expect More 7th Character Options for Fractures
When it comes to fractures, your Chapter 19 seventh character options expand to allow yo... Read more
Coding Quiz:
Can You Assign the Correct 7th Character in These Scenarios?
Take note of expanded options for fractures. While “D” for subsequent enco... Read more
Nip Two Start Of Care Errors in the Bud
Dig deeper for ability to use telephone. When the Start of Care assessment includes er... Read more
Quality Measures:
Gear Up for New Skin Integrity Quality Measure
Now’s the time to polish up your pressure ulcer assessment. The newly-revealed O... Read more
CMS Issues OASIS-C2 For January 2017 Implementation
Start your preparation now for the revamped assessment tool, expert urges. Just as you... Read more
Prepare for 3 New Items In OASIS-C2
Expect yet another diagnosis item in the new year. You have almost a full a year befor... Read more
Watch for Changes to Lookback Period, Formatting In OASIS-C2
Many items renumbered. In its new OASIS-C2 tool released Dec. 22, the Centers for Medi... Read more
Look for More Changes to Wound Items in OASIS-C2
Put ‘worsening’ on top of your training list. The OASIS-C1 brought many ch... Read more
Plan Your OASIS-C2 Training Schedule
Save the nitty gritty for later in the year. Home health agencies who want to prepare ... Read more
Make The Most Of Your Home Health Coding and OASIS Expert Subscription
You have more than a decade’s worth of information on a multitude of home health c... Read more
Boost Reimbursement through Better Documentation
Do you know the details required to assign an accurate ICD-10 code? As a clinician, ... Read more
Start of Care:
Avoid This Common Start Of Care Error
Don’t sell yourself short in M1242. Inaccurate OASIS responses that begin with t... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
Take Care with Sepsis Sequencing
Lead with infection for post-procedural sepsis. Coding for sepsis was once a rare occu... Read more
Don't Miss this M1011 Update
Take note of this ‘NA’ option. OASIS-C1/ICD-10 brings a few changes to M10... Read more
5 Steps Fine-Tune Your Recertification Strategy
Case conference approach can help safeguard reimbursement. Recertification documentati... Read more
Expect to Include Height, Weight Data on OASIS
Clarification to come as new requirement draws nearer. Caution: Low BMI is a risk fact... Read more
OASIS Item Focus:
Give Your Vaccine Item Responses a Boost
Don’t put CDC guidance aside, despite re-worked vaccine items. The four OASIS in... Read more
Smooth Out the Bumps in the Road to ICD-10 Success
Communication between coders and clinicians helps pave the way. You’ve been putt... Read more
Follow these Tips to Smooth the Way with ICD-10
Stay on your toes with combination codes, seventh digits. By now, you’ve been co... Read more
ICD-10 Transition:
ICD-10 Claims Processing Hits a Few Bumps in the Road
Adjustments are on the way. Understanding and using ICD-10 codes correctly isn’t... Read more
Diagnosis Coding:
Get Answers to These Pressing ICD-10 Questions
The jury’s still out on ulcer severity selection. Now that you’re learning... Read more
Include these Conditions Despite Excludes Notes
As ICD-10 codes begin to be put to practical use, some flaws with the shiny new code set... Read more
Quality Measures:
Prepare for New Pressure Ulcer Quality Measure
OASIS height and weight data collection poses a challenge. The Centers for Medicare &a... Read more
Brush up on these Pressure Ulcer Basics
Take 3 steps for M1309 accuracy. The OASIS pressure ulcer items have never been easy t... Read more