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Home Care Week

Review Choice Demonstration:
Upload RCD Documentation Only Once For 2 Billing Periods
Warning: Separate submission will mean duplicate documentation process. The Review Choic... Read more
Illinois HHAs Bail Out Of RCD Post-Pay Review In Droves
About 25 percent of the nation's agencies will eventually be under RCD. If you're one of... Read more
Patient-Driven Groupings Model:
iQIES Problems Stall HHAs’ PDGM Engine
OASIS submission difficulties are putting home health reimbursement in jeopardy. Another... Read more
Use AI Knowledge To Understand How You’re Being Targeted For Review
Knowing the basics is the first step. Artificial intelligence continues to dominate the ... Read more
Make The Most Of Your Eli’s Home Care Week Subscription
You have more than 15 years' worth of information on a multitude of home health and hospic... Read more
Industry News:
More Home Care Discharges Saved Medicare Money
Shifting hospital discharges from facilities to home care helped shave $17 million off Med... Read more
Industry News:
Death Doesn’t Stop MBI Lookup
You can still look up a patient's MBI, even if that patient has expired. So says HHH Medic... Read more
Industry News:
Beware This Top Claims Denial Cause
If the reason for a patient's General Inpatient (GIP) stay is not related to the patient's... Read more
Industry News:
What Comes After TPE Round 3?
If you fail three rounds of Targeted Probe & Educate review, the Centers for Medicare ... Read more
Industry News:
New Year, New Therapy Cap Amount
The threshold formerly known as the outpatient therapy cap has increased for this year. R... Read more
Industry News:
Check Out These Updated Hospice Education Tools
Medicare has updated two of its hospice education tools. Access the revised 12-page Hospic... Read more
Industry News:
Health System-Owned Chain Sells
Nonprofit Advanced Home Care has agreed to sell the its home health, specialty pharmacy, a... Read more
Industry News:
5-State Hospice Chain Expands Again
St. Croix Hospice has opened a location in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, the Oakdale, Minnesota... Read more
Industry News:
Health System Sells HH, Hospice Units For $350K
Graham Regional Medical Center has agreed to sell its home health and hospice department t... Read more
Industry News:
Stark Law Charges Leveled In Chicago
A physician and his home health agency-owning siblings are facing fraud charges not often ... Read more
Industry News:
Heed This Encryption Cautionary Tale
If you're unsure whether you should spend the time, resources, and effort encrypting your ... Read more
iQIES Glitches Compromise HHAs’ Billing, CoP Compliance
Providers frustrated with lack of transparency. It will be another week or two before ma... Read more
PDGM RAPs Should Pay Soon — Just Not Very Much
HIPPS codes are the sticking point. The unusual payment hold on RAPs should let up withi... Read more
Texas HHAs March Toward RCD Implementation
Alert: Check out 10 new RCD Q&As on PDGM. With hundreds of more HHAs going under the ... Read more
Stay Abreast Of VBID Developments
Plus: HOPE tool, HIS benchmark addressed in forum. Medicare is pushing its Medicare Adva... Read more
Cap Reporting Deadline Slides To March
Tip: Gather your PS&R info as quickly as you can. The hospice cap self-reporting dea... Read more
Mergers & Acquisitions:
Hospice Deals Dominate Year End
Chains focus on hospice development. Home care and hospice companies didn't take a holid... Read more
Industry Note:
Blue Button 2.0 Bug Put PHI At Risk
BB2.0 apps were sharing beneficiaries' info. A coding bug in Medicare's Blue Button 2.0 ... Read more
Industry Note:
MAC Targets These Topics In Latest Medical Review
If you feel like hospice medical review is stepping up in intensity, you may be right. HHH... Read more
Industry Note:
Boost PDGM Billing With These Aids
If the timing of PDGM billing is tripping you up, some new tools from one HHH Medicare Adm... Read more
Industry Note:
Get Ready For These New Quality Measures
New quality measures are on the horizon — some closer and some farther away. Closer mea... Read more
Industry Note:
Survey Changes Take Aim At Subjectivity
Get ready for new survey procedures this year. Guidance the Centers for Medicare & Med... Read more
Industry Note:
Peruse HIT Details
If the details of Medicare's new Home Infusion Therapy benefit are still fuzzy, a recently... Read more
Industry Note:
Appeals Demo Available
Would information on why Medicare is denying your claims help you improve in the future? I... Read more
Industry Note:
MA = Lower Quality
More information about the Direct Contracting payment model is coming up. Reminder: Unde... Read more
Industry Note:
Mind Disclosable Events
Even with everything else on your plate in 2020, you can't afford to slack off on recordin... Read more
Industry Note:
Check F2F Documentation For This Must
Don't overlook a common reason for claims denials, especially with cash flow so critical u... Read more
Industry Note:
Providers Go Beyond Hospice — As Do Their Names
More hospices are continuing the trend of changing their names to reflect a broader range ... Read more
Fraud & Abuse:
HH Payment Error Rate Continues To Plummet
Hospice error rate falls, too. Medicare has just handed home health agencies ammunition ... Read more
OIG Wants Hospital-Based HHA To Pay Back $680K
Don't ignore any ‘credible information' on potential overpayments, the feds warn. If y... Read more
Medical Review:
OIG Docks Nonprofit HHA For These Patients
Watch out: Refusing therapy may make your patient ineligible for home care at all, recent ... Read more
New MA Hospice Carve-In Fails To Allay Industry Fears
Will managed care plans diminish hospice services? Hospices are getting a first look at ... Read more
New Year Should Bring New HIPAA Emphasis
Follow these 7 pointers to get into good HIPAA shape this year. If you want to avoid fin... Read more
Industry Note:
Check Out Latest RCD-PDGM Clarification
Update confirms doubling of RCD workload. Home health agencies in Review Choice Demonstr... Read more
Industry Note:
Explore MA Options That May Loosen Requirements
You can find out more about Medicare's Direct Contracting Model in two upcoming educationa... Read more
Industry Note:
Preview Window Closes Soon
Don't miss an advance look at your new Home Health Compare data. Home health agencies can ... Read more
Industry Note:
Hospice Assessment Tool Gets Closer To Implementation
If you've applied to “alpha test” Medi- care's new Hospice Outcomes & Patient Eval... Read more
Industry Note:
Give CMS Your Tips On Lightening Supervision
Medicare wants your two cents on lifting regulatory burden related to supervision. “In ... Read more
Industry Note:
Avoid Exclusion Crises With New Tutorial
Don't lose your rightful reimbursement by accidentally hiring an individual excluded from ... Read more
Industry Note:
Consult Hospice 1-Pager
Review the basics of Medicare's Hospice Comprehensive Assessment Measure with a recently p... Read more
Industry Note:
Have You Completed This QIO Requirement?
Don't let more time slip by without completing the Memorandum of Agreement with your Benef... Read more
Industry Note:
Check This Checklist
Making sure your claims are adequately documented is more important than ever before under... Read more
Industry Note:
Boost Doc Education With New CMS Video
Whether you're trying to educate your own staff, or the providers and their staff who refe... Read more
Industry Note:
Hospice Head Pleads Guilty
A New Orleans hospice administrator has pleaded guilty to falsifying records in connection... Read more
Industry Note:
HH Fraud Funds Cosmetic Procedures In FL
A vast Medicare fraud conspiracy in South Florida has resulted in lengthy prison sentences... Read more