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Health Information Compliance Alert

Case Study:
New HIPAA Update Aims to Help Providers Address Opioid Issues
For facilities that fall under SAMHSA, it's business as usual. Recent federal determinati... Read more
Tackle Violations Head-On with this Quick-Start Training Guide
Make patient privacy and safety a priority in 2018. The myriad of pathways to accidentall... Read more
Revenue Booster:
Follow These 7 EHR Steps to Eradicate RCM Woes
Hint: Train coders and billers on CEHRT to cutdown on billing errors. Health IT staff ins... Read more
Look Out: Watch Out for These HIT Pitfalls, OIG IT Audit Director Advises
Tip: Change your passwords... often. You're familiar with Medicare audits and even HIPAA ... Read more
Enforcement News:
Are Your Systems Ready for New Medicare Numbers?
Plus: Get ready for 2018 with new tools and guidance from ONC. With the start date for th... Read more
Case Study:
OIG's Takedown of EHR Vendor Highlights Security's Importance
Deficient software vendor faces $155 million in paybacks to the feds. Most electronic hea... Read more
EHR Compliance:
Don't Forget to Assess, Analyze, and Manage EHR Risk, Too
Tip: Make a list of who's allowed EHR access - to avoid problems later. Since the HITECH... Read more
Master MACRA's Advancing Care Information Measures in 2018
Hint: You can still use your 2014 CEHRT without penalty. CMS has a new mantra going into ... Read more
Clip And Save:
Cybersecurity: Update Your Health IT Glossary with These 10 Additions
As hackers push the healthcare envelope, HIT needs more terms to address issues. With man... Read more
Enforcement News:
Are You Bogged Down By Paperwork? Relief Is on the Way
In response to a massive American Hospital Association (AHA) study on the administrative f... Read more
Enforcement News:
New Tech Offering from the AMA Assists with Collaboration of Care
Coordination between physicians drives healthcare today as disciplines become more special... Read more
Enforcement News:
Keep Transactions HIPAA-Compliant with ASETT from CMS
Ever wondered if your transactions meet the required standards for privacy and security un... Read more
Enforcement News:
Update DUAs Regularly, CMS Advises
The transfer of protected health information and treatment data is critical to the practic... Read more
Enforcement News:
CMS Pushes New Plan to Cut Down Provider Burden
Stakeholder input matters to CMS suggests the most recent initiative from the agency. A ne... Read more
Case Study:
Nail Down Email Compliance Basics or Risk Exposure
Tip: Don't share your password... ever. Much of healthcare revolves around administration... Read more
Avoid Phishing Schemes with These 7 Pointers
Hint: Excessive spelling errors are a tip-off that the email might be a scam. As the risk... Read more
Discover These 3 Common Ways That Practices Violate HIPAA
Hint: You should train your temps if they aren't already hip to HIPAA. Now that HIPAA is ... Read more
Enforcement News:
Celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness with Tips from the OCR
Are you worried about your practice health IT? Do you need that extra push to put a securi... Read more
Reader Question:
Utilize Practice Analytics to Streamline Day-to-Day Operations
Help your office run more efficiently with these 3 steps. Question: We're trying to ... Read more
Case Study:
Aetna Mail Breach Exposes PHI of Thousands of HIV Patients
Case highlights need for tighter internal protocols when delicate information is at stake.... Read more
What Constitutes a Violation? Find Out
Get your ducks in a row with a clear-cut explanation before you make the call to HHS. Bef... Read more
Know When It's Ok to Let HIPAA Slide
In a disaster, HHS sometimes lifts sanctions when HIPAA protocols just aren’t possib... Read more
Disaster Planning:
Protect Yourself and Your EHR Before Disaster Strikes
Tip: Get your physical security in check after the hurricane. Hurricane season is upon us... Read more
Enforcement News:
Social Engineers Take Advantage of Hurricane Turmoil
Tip: Verify the charity before you offer assistance. Con artists always know to strike wh... Read more
Enforcement News:
Obamacare Credit Checker Got Hacked
A cyber attack exposes millions of consumers credit data. On September 7, 2017, Equifax w... Read more
Case Study:
Telehealth Enhances Patient Care, But Is Hampered by Regulations, Research Suggests
The set-up costs can impede the success of telemedicine initiatives at Medicare practices.... Read more
Take a Look at New Proposed Options for Telehealth in CY 2018
Behavioral health gets a boost with new code proposals promoting telemedicine. With the r... Read more
Revenue Booster:
Don't Let These Common HIT Gaffes Impact Your Revenue
Tip: Incorrect coding caused by faulty EHRs happens and will cost you. If your practice i... Read more
Check Out the New HHS-OCR Breach Reporting Tool
With violations on the rise, the feds’ offering simplifies disclosure. As the numbe... Read more
Enforcement News:
Help Patients Access Their PHI with a New Form From AHIMA
Plus: Technology overload can impact healthcare in a negative way. Patients with access t... Read more
Case Study:
Manage Your Updates Accordingly to Close the Door on Hackers
You invite cyber threats in by mismanaging security and technology. These days the slight... Read more
Is Blockchain the Answer to Healthcare's Cyber War?
This new time-stamping technology may be the next big thing in HIT. Stronger compliance p... Read more
Identity Theft:
Identity Theft Is On the Rise — Protect Your Practice Now
Identity mix-ups not only ruin lives, but put patients in harm’s way. Identity thef... Read more
Don't Let Front Desk Follies Bring Down Your Practice
Hint: Careless regard for organization and guidelines leads to HIPAA faux pas. More often... Read more
Cut Down Your Breach Factor with a Look at 3 Common Violations
Tip: Proof of a risk analysis and implemented plan help after a breach. If you’ve a... Read more
Utilize the HHS-OCR's Sample Business Associate Tracker Tool
Monitor your business associates with guidance from the feds. One of the HIPAA audit feat... Read more
Enforcement News:
Share Data But Be Wise to the Possibility of A Breach, OCR Says
A recent survey about cloud computing and data sharing reveals risks. Cloud technology re... Read more
Enforcement News:
CMS Updates Its Systems to Combat NPI Fraud
New options and features allow for easier access amongst providers and suppliers. As priv... Read more
Case Study:
Ransomware Continues to Be a Thorn in Healthcare's Side
Check out new guidance and information about the WannaCry hack. When a malicious virus co... Read more
Protect Your Practice HIT from Invasion
Hint: Don’t ignore patches and updates. When you set up boundaries against cyber at... Read more
Patient Engagement:
Embrace New HIT Options to Harness Your Practice Potential
Tip: Texting is the communication modus operandi of most patients. As technology moves he... Read more
Don't Forget to Make Accommodations for HIPAA When You Text Patients
Tip: Encrypt your mobile devices to lessen the chance of a breach. Mobility is a clear fo... Read more
Put Patients First in an Emergency, But Don't Forget HIPAA Still Applies
Patient privacy still applies no matter how busy your ED is. If patient information is be... Read more
Enforcement News:
New Settlement Highlights That Privacy Remains an OCR Issue
Plus: A new offering from CMS helps practices with the technical side of MACRA. HIPAA bre... Read more
Case Study:
Sometimes It's Risky Business to Take Your Work Home
The lack of applied safeguards on devices often leads to chaos. Whether you load your bri... Read more
HIPAA Compliance:
Know the Definition of a Business Associate to Avoid Hassles and Fines
Look at the risks before you implement a BAA versus confidentiality agreement. Once trust... Read more
See If You Are Up-To-Date on HIPAA Compliance
Hint: An EHR contingency plan is a safer bet than a generator in a natural disaster. HIPA... Read more
Want to Utilize Testimonials on Social Media? Get Your Patients' Authorization First
Social media can boost your office revenue, but make sure it’s HIPAA compliant. As ... Read more
Enforcement News:
Healthcare Phone Scams Are on The Rise, HHS Says
Warn your patients to be on the lookout for scammers phishing for healthcare information. ... Read more
Case Study:
Compliance is Just One Piece of the Security Puzzle
Hackers only need one point of entry to wreak havoc on your health IT. A top-notch HIPAA ... Read more
Risk Analysis:
Assess Where Your Practice is the Most Vulnerable
Hint: Staff education should be at the top of your to-do list. According to the HHS-OCR b... Read more
Cybersecurity Quiz:
See If You're Up-to-Speed on the Latest Social Engineering Tactics
Infiltrators continue to push healthcare’s cybersecurity envelope. Phishing is the ... Read more
Clip And Save:
Safeguard Your Practice with These Tips to Fight Social Engineers
Tip: Check IDs at the front desk every day, every time. As social engineering becomes mor... Read more
Plan for Disaster with These Expert Tips
Tip: Run drills to see if you are up for the challenge a catastrophe brings. When chaos r... Read more
Enforcement News:
Cardiologists Top the List of EHR Adopters, New CDC Study Shows
Plus: Energy Subcommittee Advises Congress on Healthcare Cybersecurity Issues Cardiologis... Read more
Case Study:
Design Your HIPAA Plan to Protect Against Threats — Both External and Internal
Make sure your business associates understand the exit rules when employees leave. What d... Read more
Safeguard Yourself, But Don't Let Your Arrangements Impede Data Sharing
If you’re dealing with complex information, make sure you’re covered. As the ... Read more
Ride the Telehealth Wave to Revenue Reward
With the right tools and utilization, telemedicine boosts both workflow and income. Advan... Read more
Does Convenience Trump Utilization Cost in Telehealth?
As the delivery of virtual care increases, a study ponders whether it’s worth the co... Read more
Enforcement News:
House Unveils Its Opus to Replace the ACA
House Republicans made good on their promise to put the Affordable Care Act — also k... Read more
Clip And Save:
Take a Look at Some Recent Changes for Telemedicine from CMS
New guidance defines the role of modifier 95. With its push toward providing value-based ... Read more
Case Study:
Secure Your Devices or Risk Hefty Penalties
Lost phone? It better be encrypted, OCR case suggests. Just because a laptop is passwo... Read more
Quality First:
Don't Skimp on Your Health IT
Ask these seven questions of your vendor upfront before buying into a plan.  If y... Read more
Data Security:
Lack of Cybersecurity Skills Often Leads to Digital Mayhem
When your EHR system is under siege, the losses are more than just financial. Hackers ... Read more
Clip And Save:
Is Your Office HIPAA Plan Up-To-Date?
Consider these tips as you reevaluate your compliance priorities. If the flip phone wa... Read more
Be Part of the Cyber Dialogue with This Handy Cheat Sheet
Master these terms to understand the basics of cybersecurity. If your knowledge of a v... Read more
3, 2, 1 — Activate! Do You Know How to Spot A Cyber Hack?
Sorry, you’ve got malware. Do you ever feel just off? That’s how a compute... Read more
Enforcement News:
How Do You Feel About Your Cyber Health? NIST Wants to Know
Whether you are feeling stellar about your office IT health or you’ve just reporte... Read more
Case Study:
GAO Report Suggests CEHRT May Hamper MACRA Success for Small Practices
Health IT doesn’t have to be a struggle with the right approach. Today’s p... Read more
These Health IT Acronyms Are Often Misused — This Handy List Explains the Differences
Many use EMR and EHR interchangeably, but they actually refer to different things. The s... Read more
EHR Trends:
Small Practice Set-Up: Look to Cloud-Based Tech If You Want to Get Ahead
Cost, ease-of-use, and dependability top the reasons for implementing cloud-based EHRs. ... Read more
Boom or Bust:
Avoid a Botched EHR Implementation with This Expert Advice
Many enter the field of medicine with high hopes of engaging with the public on an altru... Read more
HIPAA 101: Report Breaches When They Happen to Reduce Penalties
A recent enforcement case highlights the importance of timely HIPAA-breach reporting. ... Read more
Make Sure Your BAAs Are HIPAA-Compliant to Avoid Getting Burned
Unauthorized access and disclosure land many a practice in hot water annually. Oftentime... Read more
Enforcement News:
ONC Enlists the States' Help with Protecting Patient Information
Due to a multitude of state laws and organizational roadblocks set up to implement HIPAA... Read more